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Dracoceratosaurus could be better

I really think dracoceratosaurus needs a buff. It’s kinda wierd that it’s so useless. I think the design is cool, and the concept is Nice, but it is a bad hybrid.
I think some small changes could greatly increase it’s usefulness

Increase it’s speed to 123 or 125
Increase it’s health from 4011 to 4600
Change cunning strike to fierce strike
Change cunning impact to cunning rampage
Give it 75% stun resistance, 50% speed reduction resistance.

I think those small tweaks could make it a good hybrid! Any other opinions?


Agreed, though the rampage is a bit much, considering the 40% it does on swap -in.

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Don’t know why people always forget it already has a quite important swap in move able to deal important damage. I think it is ok.

I don’t think It needs a rampage, but i agree It should have better stats and one fierce move at least. Perhaps 3750 HP, 1600 damage, 120 speed. And then replace cunning strike for fierce strike, rest of the kit is fine. Since It already has the swap It doesn’t need to be that much stronger, but It should indeed be better than DC overall.

I agree that a Rampage might be too much. It’d become on par with something like Utarinex in terms of stats, when it should ideally be toned down from a regular speedster because of how good Swap-in Savagery already is.

It definitely needs a fierce move as well as more HP. Apart from that, it needs something to make it stand out. Swap-in shattering Savagery would probably be too much, and Swap-in Stunning savagery would probably work, but personally I wouldn’t love it.

Acute Stun is the one move unique to the line, but it isn’t very useful. Maybe it could be upgraded to Immobilize? You could take that a step further and give it a whole new move…

Incapacitate: 400% chance to stun opponent for 1 turn. Delay:0, Cooldown:2.
Revenge: Priority. 400% chance to stun opponent for 1 turn. Remove opponent’s positive effects. Delay:0, Cooldown:2.
[Target: opponent with the highest number of positive effects]

It’s basically an updated version of Acute Stun. Even an opponent with 75% stun resistance will be stunned 100% of the time.

Acute Stun never had a concrete role, but with Incapacitate, especially in the revenge condition, it’ll be perfect at defusing creatures with setups or ones that are bleeding out. If there’s an Apex boss with a high stun-resistance, then this move would definitely come in handy.