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Dracoceratosaurus - Does Whatever Dracoceratops Doesn't

Yep. You read right. I’m just gonna show and tell some situations that Dracoceratops could NOT handle that Floof can.

Example 1: 3-0 (Dracoceratosaurus VS Thor and Tenonto)

Here, Thor was sent out against Draco, who ultimately handed Thor his own medichine. taking him out. With no other option, Tenontorex was sent out, definitely above 2250 health since my Max didn’t get the needed crit. If this was Draco the legendary, this wouldn’t have been a 3-0.

Example 2: VS Monolorhino

To save time, I swapped out to Draco. If I was the legendary, I wouldn’t have gotten to go first, likely would’ve died, and he had a good creature left.

Example 3: Father and Son Clash

Father VS Son… except the son wins this time. If I were Draco, I likely wouldn’t have gone first.

Honorable Mention: All Or Nothing

No visuals here, but me, rathering to take a tie than a loss, swapped to Draco while my opponent swapped to Thyla. If I were the legendary, my savagery would’ve been blocked and I would’ve had to deal with a deliberate prowl.

So the moral of this story is - Never judge a book by its cover.

While yes, Dracoceratops is better for the majority of situations, Dracoceratosaurus has its place as well.


Technically, Draco the Legendary is still better at a lot more situations, but these are just some examples to show that yes, Dracoceratosaurus can put in some work.


Mammolania and rinex: allow us to introduce ourselves


But still that’s very impressive @SonicNTGD


Anything with 30+% armor can drop kick Cerato honestly lol


Malfoy has proven himself.

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I still feel like Dracoceratosaurus could use a buff to attack or speed (so that it can attack before more dinos than Draco after swapping in) or something to help it shine over it’s legendary counterpart, but it definitely has it’s own uses too.