Dracoceratosaurus problem

Come on. Why is this thing so bad. This is my rework:

Is it good or bad? Also ignore that it is a cunning, I meant to make it cunning fierce.


Right off the back I am not liking the Swap Prevention resistance.

Why not? Swapping is what it’s supposed to do

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Does its parent Dracocerat have the prevention as well? If it does not then it would not make sense to for Dracocerato to have it.

That argument doesn’t make sense. Neither Kelenken nor gryposuchus have rampage and run, so should grylenken lose it? Same goes with phorasaura and erlikogamma and their running moves. And on the flipside, Delta has impact and run but velosrachous and alloraptor do not have it, so should they get it? A hybrid can inherit traits that neither of its parents have if it suits their playstyle

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I think this is ok, but we should nerf DC (remove Cleansing impact from it), so we can see the difference between DC and DCsaur


I share the same opinion as you, Dracoceratosaurus is fine. as raised for DC, I suggest it was like this
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