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Dracoceratosaurus Rework

Dracoceratosaurus. A hybrid of one of the most annoying creatures, DracoceRATops, and Proceratosaurus. It was added in 2.0 and except the swap-in savagery, it’s pretty useless. Most people are rather using Dracoceratops than Dracoceratosaurus. So I’ve created this rework, please vote or write in the comments what do you think.

4000 HP (now it’s 3300)
1600 DMG (no change)
117 Speed (no change)
5% Crit (no change)
Cunning Strike (no change)
Distracting Impact (now it has Cunning Impact)
Acute Stun (no change)
Cleansing Impact (no change)
Swap-in Savagery (no change)
Swap prevention 100% (no change)
Distraction 75% (now it has 0%)
Stun 67% (now it has 0%)

  • It needs a bigger buff
  • The buff should be more minor
  • I agree with this buff
  • It doesn’t need a rework
  • It needs a nerf

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I feel like it needs at least like 120-ish speed to work as a cunning creature, but I agree it needs more HP as a swap in creature

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Needs more speed to be classed as cunning and also a fierce move which it should inherit from Rat boy! Tryko and Max got the Resi/Combo so this wee guy deserves to be juiced up a bit

Resi/fierce combo

Swap-in stunning savagery. This is pretty much all it would need to make a good comeback

As I suggested many times, swap in rending attack. Savagery alone isn’t enough to take out tanks, which is what rending is supposed to do. With armor piercing and shield destruction, Dracocerato will be a lot better.


The character design needs the real rework. Lose the dopey scarf looking thing.

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I would go a different route:

3750 HP
1600 damage
120 speed

Fierce strike
Cunning impact
Acute stun
Cleansing impact

Swap in savagery

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