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Dracoceratosaurus ugly cousin?

Basically just wanted to say that the dracoceratosaurus seems rather underwhelming compared to the dracoceratops. IMO, dracoceratops is better than its unique counterpart.

It has the exact same moves but rather than cunning, it has fierce armor/shield breaking moves- which atm is probably considered better than cunning atm because let’s be honest, cunning creatures are suffering rn.

Has anyone thought of a possible rework for the dracoceratosaurus? Perhaps giving it a singular armor/shield breaking attack?

I’d say just higher speed and stun res, maybe swap AC for a rampage

give him the speed of proceratosaurus and change cunning impact to nullifying impact, also resistance to distraction and to DoT and rend

Should have been made a wild card tbh


Like most of the recent uniques, it’s pretty bad. And I’m saying this as someone who uses a level 30 one.

Considering how incredibly slow she is for a cunning, I say give her speed immunity. We’ve got fierce dinos who can cleanse distraction, so it wouldn’t be the end of the world. Anything with armor will still win.