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I’m ready and waiting to create this new creature. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I have more than enough of all the components so I can’t wait.
Dracoceratops Procerat
After leveling Proceratatosaurus to 20, I’ll have 21 fuses worth for Dracocerotosaurus.
Dracorex2 Triceratops2
I have more than enough components for Dracoceratops.

So… I can’t wait; I can’t wait! :hugs:


it looks cool. i want it. all i keep imagining is a a fluffy t-rex with horns.
image This but more fluffy.


It’s moveset isn’t as cool as I’d hoped, but if it is as fast as I hope it will be, then it will be an excellent support creature on a team of bleeders with Acute Stun. Acute Stun might even be useful in raids.


Doesn’t look that great honestly.

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Since they nerfed Kapro, I’ll create this thing and use it in combination with Kapro to take down longnecks or whatever is left.

Looks more like a reindeer in the silhouette (it’s as if it got hybridized with megaloceros instead), but that rex with horns is also like a reindeer lol.

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It’s from an Ark mod.


If I’m not mistaken, I’ll have enough to guarantee unlocking this one on release day. I think I’ll try them out, see how they fare.

Lol it looks so weird.


I thought I had enough Proceratosaurus for the hybrid, but nope, as always I’m five steps behind. Only had enough for level 18. Ugh, I wanted Yoshi to get a hybrid. Or Alanky. Dimodyct. Someone from back in the 1.4 times ;_;


I believe I’m ready too.

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I have 25,291 DNA at level 11, so I probably have enough. If you’re wondering why it’s level 11, that’s because I ran it on my team a very long time ago, before Procera was added. Funny thing is, now I don’t have to feel guilty about wasting that tiny bit of DNA lol.

i think ilke 2 weeks ago i did a massive fuse on procerath for the heck of it. then game out procerto dna to my alliance. i’m down to 3700. no where near enough, but it is gonna be a wild spawn so i can make it back easily.


@Qiew do you like the hybrid

I only have 5845 procera dna, so I hope I can make it with that. Been donating it to alliance previously. I hope the hybrid gets green fuzz like Christmas Chicken has.

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I was donating a lot of it for a while myself. Once I saw this new unique I stopped :man_facepalming:

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Been also doing that with irritator and dimetrodon. Once I saw what happened to Spyx I was like “I wish I had a magna right now…”

I’m disappointed about Erlikospyx as well. Lately it’s came in and wrecked stuff for me. I have magna at max as well. I’m thinking of taking Tryostronix to max level. Mine is 20 and fused up to 25. I doubt I can get it to 30 just yet.

Tryo was something I considered (already have one made) but … losing its ferocious strike and getting whatever refresh is (sounds more like a debuff cleaner) doesn’t sound that good. So fluffy dracorat it is.

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Welp, I’ve been using and saving DNA for Proceratosaurus… Sigh, should’ve known that it would be somehow useless.

I want to see how the hybrid would fare. Anyone else gonna experiment with the new moves in the Campaign? I am xD