DracoHunter 10/10 Alliance with 2 level 20 Sancs

Looking for a few active players to join.

5/5 and 10/10 for over 8 straight months.

We share 2 level 20 sancs with 8 other alliances…

Please message through here and not send requests to alliance. Thanks.


As a former DracoHunter, I would highly recommend this alliance to daily active players who are seeking an organized, structured alliance with a compassionate and strategic leader. Having worked with DH, they are a solid team in sanctuaries. Good luck with your recruitment guys. I am still enjoying and getting my nerd on with my passion for sanctuaries with DinoL3o and UGetOnMyNerds.

A couple open spots if anyone interested.


Still looking for active players interested in a easy 10 and 10 every week with 2 level 20 sancs. We finish with 1 to 2 days remaining with 46 players currently. Please DM on here. All requests sent directly to the alliance are rejected.


Still spots. Send requests to @Calvin_Tan

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Is been a pleasure and truly, i treasure every moment we had…and still… looking forward if u change your mind.
The alliance won’t be today with every mission in max reward without your great sight of the game and strategy.
Boost has surely damaged this game, NO PLAYER will be at the top without paying real cash, even that, what do u gain being at the top?
For whatever the case, is the activities we had daily beating the mission that keep us together.

DracoHunter… for you my friend…

Wah what happened siah?

Nothing really… is another player being tired out by this game…
Ludia lost another 3 VIPs… small matter.

Orh… Normal lah.

My alliance partners with DracoHunter on sanc sharing, I can definitely recommend them as an organized and dedicated group of players and a great alliance!


Thank u so much for the comment, really appreciate your kindness… but…

May i know which team u from? hahaha

Hey i am an active player who plays jurrasic worl alive every single day. I am at 9 level and my name is essa if u think i am capable enough to join your alliance plzz messege me back

Hahaha CT it’s Velo, I just couldn’t get that name on here as it was taken :’-(

This alliance is good. Very hardcore but willing to share and help other alliances.

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