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DracoHunter 5/5 Alliance Recruiting

We are looking for a few active players to join our 5 and 5 alliance. This will be our fourth consecutive week completing 5 and 5 and with the better defence rewards we want to continue on as a 5 and 5 alliance.

We are looking for players that battle at least 20 times per day and are open to doing friendlies as our alliance does a significant amount of them.

By active player we dont mean someone who comes on to make their DNA request and are gone until it’s time to make their next request. If that’s all your interested in try another alliance. We are a mission first alliance and work as a team to achieve our goals. If this sounds like something you are interested in send me a DM.



Is there any level I have to be or have a certain amount of trophies or do I just have to be active

Just have to be active.

**active player here, how to join? **

Just so players know. We dont care what level you are at. As long as you are an active player that battles and opens incubators that is what we are looking for. We dont require big darters we can complete exploration in 2 or 3 days. But if you are that’s great too. We are looking for players that help more on the defence side. As it stands now we have several players doing over 100 friendlies a day to consistently reach rank5 defence and we want to even this out throughout the alliance.

do you have a constant irritator sanctuary running?

edit: do you have a discord?

We can if u want to join. We have lots of sancs running like all alliances I guess. Honestly dont know much about sanctuaries except to just keep feeding everyday…lol

We use the alliance chat but leader just created a chat group last week on telegram I think its called

i would never leave my alliance for just a little more dna but the activity of the members in yours is intriguing.


Lol. I knew you wouldn’t. With the system we use we dont need high level or high active players. Just contribute to battles and incubators.

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Still a spot left if anyone interested.

Respect. That’ll take at least 5 hours of nothing but friendly battles and shows true dedication to your alliance.


It doesnt take that long…lol or I wouldn’t do them. One team is Raptors and one all chompers like trex and thor. Battles are very fast. 3 shots for battle. None by raptor team usually as they are swapped.

We have a bunch doing that many but it’s to much to do week in and week out. Been 4 weeks straight…lol need a break.


I’d like to join if you don’t mind I play everyday I usually battle at least 20 times per day sometimes more if I’m not busy

Hello I’m super active just sent a request to join my ign is ScorcherJ started a week ago and lv 9

Can easily do 20-50+ battles etc.

We have a spot to fill and we want to find a TEAM PLAYER…active and help playing with members to achieve highest possible reward with minimum effort.
We don’t accept in game request to join, any good player pls pm member below:
The team has a TELEGRAM MESSENGER for members to join, enable easy communication.

Still looking for 1 more active player. Come ride the weekly 5 and 5 train with us.

Hello, what about sanctuary´s print screen? :slight_smile:

Why would a sanctuary screen print bei in a missions thread? Were looking for active mission players. Not someone only interested in feeding the sanctuaries or requesting exclusive DNA all week. Any level welcome.