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DracoHunter alliance


Hi, we r a great team now with 42.
We cleared exploration with 2 days to spare.
Defense at rank 4 with same timing but didn’t go for it as 4000 battles is crazy.
We like to add couple of ACTIVE, Cooperative players, lvl preferred at least 13 and above.
Most players know exactly what to do, so nobody is taking free DNA from here.
If u want to be with us, text here with how u play and send your request.
Upon acceptance, will chat with u about the alliance, so do pay attention to the chat room.
To be fair, will only accept when new mission start, appreciate understanding.
Thank you.


It would be funny to find out that you donate Draco DNA :joy:


Actually we do have some donations…just limited.
But the objective of alliance is for the missions, not to get DNA each need.
Only when mission is done, we are free to request.


I’m already running an alliance, so good luck.