DracoHunter...Open for just 1-2 spots


This is our current status, adding 1-2 players who will give mission as priority, any reasonable lvl player willing to play actively?

Just 18 hours into mission we reached 4-3, how fast do u want? Any good active players interested to join us?

If you are interested me and my wife want to join
Very active busy hunting dinos everyday
Im in arena 5 and my wife almost in 4.
We both already have a legendary.
We donate when we can

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can u pm me your game lvl n team u have, and advise how much u play a day?

I’m a level 16 with 2976 trophies. I’m looking for a new alliance with two spots open… have another reliable player, level 15, 2879 trophies, that wants to come to a new alliance with me. We are both vip players, play daily, and donate tons. Ariel23 #5173

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Do you still have any spots? I’m a level 20 with 4,500 trophies and am very active hunting, donating and working on the alliance missions. I would love to join you guys! Dan #3552

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hi harvey…pm u

Hi pm u, pls check

hi have u join any? We could be in diff time zone but will surely come back to u…

hi have u join any? had pm u if u didn’t notice.

I did find one. Thank you though

ok, cause we are in diff time zone so apologise my delay reply.

Looking to add a couple of “mission warriors”, this is our current mission status.
Apologise we don’t accept in game request to join as we need u to know our game plan beforehand. So pls pm me and i surely will get back to u…

That 450,000 rare is a killer. Wasnt for that we would be done. And I got 120,000 coins yesterday but dinoroder bought coins to prevent my sweep…lol

Hey. our mission was declared complete only 30 hours into mission.
The rare frightened some alliance, we took it with ease…


Oh lucky my alliance has your name…lol…

We are mission warriors, calling for active players who will give mission as priority, we promise u many days of own playing time…
pm me your interest…thank u

Any very active members looking for a new alliance? Were close to finished exploration this week. Trying for rank 5 defence. Looking for players that do a fair amount of battling. Currently in rank 3 defence.