DracoHunter recruiting

Hi everyone, DracoHunter is looking for 2 very active new members. Preferably at least level 18. We hardly recruit so that tells you we are a nice family to belong to. :heart::heart:

As stated in the poster, we have 3 lovely level 20 sanctuaries with 2 of the best coops in the game, 10-10 weekly rewards, strategies for raids, tier 8-9 championship and most importantly, very nice members.

We use Telegram to communicate so Telegram is a must.

Do pm me or drop us a message here.

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One of the friendliest alliances in JWA with good long term players. If you are seeking stability and a friendly alliance, you will be lucky to snipe one of those spots in DracoHunter.

I would be interested in going to you clan. I will meet the parameters and I am still active daily. I hope we will understand.