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DracoRat is alive and well

Apparently the DracoRat is now used as an over boosted mid battle dino. I’ve come across a few of them that look to be 30/30 8n boosts, with one of them at 135 speed


It’s alive and as annoying as ever. Rat!!!

yep its presence is heavily felt in Aviary. Every match I have had has been with a swapped in DracoRat. Goes to show that once again creativity is lacking in arena.


But why though? Dracoceratops is actually genuinely good now. It might be one of the top 8 Legendaries again, in fact, I’m pretty confident it is.

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Oh great! :roll_eyes:

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“No one can have a higher opinion then I have, and I think your a slimy contemptible sewer rat.” -Basil

this is aimed at Dracoceratops


The rat is back, it’s actually helpful against the big bully Maxi especially if you swap in when it does TSR (unless has boosted speed past 117) It can go through the ridiculous 2 move shield as well… i don’t find it as annoying without the heal, at least It normally has to stand and fight to the death after swapping in, not the old swap in and out 3 times routine…