Dracorex and Dracorex Gen 2


How come Dracorex Gen 2 now has 2 x swap in damage + only 1 turn before being able to switch out while the normal Dracorex does 1 x swap in damage and needs to be on 2 turns before swapping out? That’s just ridiculous! Doing that much damage it should at least have to be on for 2 turns after the swap.


:shushing_face: (shhh… don’t tell anyone and just grow your dracorex G2)
Your secret is safe with me :zipper_mouth_face:


I was stupid enough to give away almost all my Dracorex gen 2 DNA in my alliance, because I didn’t know this change and that it now can be a hybrid :sob:


Lol… I hear ya, ive given away almost 3K of draco 1 before i decided maybe I should build a utarinex after all :joy:

Don’t feel bad tho, I’m sure they’ve gone to a good home


Haha I bet!
You just inspired me to add Dracorex Gen 2 to my team. A team which Dracorex already is on :joy:
My gen 2 is only level 11, but had a fun this one match now with Paramoloch’s Rampage and run, with then Dracorex coming on. Plus gen 2 got in some bites! :grin:
Does like 1K damage so that is useful


Added Dracorex gen 2 to my team last night and I’ve climbed 150 trophies to my highest rank. she’s a handy little dino.


I’ve leveled my G2 up a good bit since but I’m still deciding whether it has a place on the team.

I think because of its speed and low base attack, it needs to be a closer. If the opponent switches something else in, its game over :joy:


Yeah some like velociraptors, these guys and the “turkeys” are more like something you know does a lot of damage pretty fast and that you can use when you have to sacrifice someone


But why would you want the hybrid?



What level is your draco gen 2 now?


Ready to break 20, but I haven’t hit the evolve button yet.


I have left mine for 15. @Hersh I will donate if you request if I’m online and not sleeping :joy:


What an attitude is that, young man? Not even willing to donate DNA in your sleep :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :older_man:


Hahah much appreciated bro!
We always got each other’s back :sunglasses:

I’m a little hesitant to invest more coin in it now …
While I do joke around, @Arvid brings up a fair point for the potential abuse of this Dino (as well as a possible nerf down the road)

Obviously just speculation… but the design of this move does seem like a “miscalculation” on Ludias part just as @TheFett mentioned on another thread.


You are right. I should really go to corner and shame!


Excatly. There will be nerf and that is why I don’t use coins on common dinosaur.


It would have been okay if it wasn’t for the armor piercing and shield crushing part I guess, but as it now it makes it too easy for the ones who play it!