Dracorex family


What is the purpose of it?? Dracorex and gen2??
I would think that its the rarest and most useless Dino at the moment, although with a prefix “Draco” I got funny feeling that soon there will be a pretty badass hybrid released based on it, maybe even winged one…
What do you think? And if so, can Dragon be classified as dinosaur??


I hear they’re working on an update fusing Jurassic world alive and the Harry Potter AR game. I’d hold on to Draco for now… he’ll be great to hybrid with Severus Rex to take down Albus Dumblesaur.


Dracorex is needed at lvl 20 to fuse with lvl 20 utahsinoraptor to make utarinex unique hybrid already


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Unexpecto commentum lol


Dracorex was actually named in honor of Harry Potter. Its full name is Dracorex Hogwartsia (dragon king of Hogwarts).


Very interesting fact I didn’t know about, in fact I thought you are pulling my leg :sweat_smile:
I guess we learn something new every day :slightly_smiling_face:


:man_facepalming:t4: (Returns Leg) @Sonnen lol, I guess won’t ruin it for you… and Yep,I can’t wait either!!


Oh I’m much better at knowing a few random facts than I am at making jokes!

Dracorex is an interesting little dinosaur. There’s also debate about whether it is really a separate species, or just a juvenile pachycephalosaurus. The same debate exists for several other dinos, including T-Rex/Nano T-Rex, and Triceratops/Torosaurus.


Hey, the same debate exists for pretty much entire world history, not only palaeontology.

It could be any or none of it (that could be baby Dracorex too, and we simply didn’t find adult specimen).