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Dracorex g2 lucky counter (kind of anyway)


So I was in the arena the other day and my first dino was in a bad spot… so I swapped to dracoceratops and got worried because the opponent swapped to dracorex g2… the stun went first, succeeded and he never got to attack on the swap in…

very lucky on that one… ended up winning…


Good information to keep in mind although I suppose it is logical to be faster.
Actually there are many changes with swap that would be very harmful for the “crazy goat” but it is difficult to anticipate, at least in its first appearance.

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Unfortunately it works only 66% of the time even when you guess right.

Glad you got it :+1:


Just ended a match with a dracorexG2 - it came from an impact and run from a Paramoloch, killing my Sucho. As the DracorexG2 came in, he hit nothing! :joy: