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Dracorex Gen 2 20+?

Anyone pushing Draco past 20? I feel it would be an investment I would regret in the long run, but I love the little bugger.

Ah yes, check out the dinos of the top players on the leaderboards. They all level him to level 30. They have a team of all unique and legendary dinos. Except also draco gen 2, the legendary, unique common.

Notice how nobody uses dracoceratops, which has swap in greater stunning strike. That’s a great move. But we know draco’s swap in shattering rampage…

if you are thinking a a short term, yeah draco gen 2 it’s the way in this tournament, but who knows the SIA skill could be nerf, and if you have the resources souldn’t be a proble to lvl up that dino

Depends on the Nerf. If they do the 2 turn swap delay it’s complete rubbish but if they drop Rampage to Impact instead then it will become a strategic Dino this will be so much better. Still usabale but not broken.