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Dracorex Gen 2 is broken - cannot swap for 2 turns!


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Bug Description: Dracorex Gen 2 says it cannot swap for 1 turn, but in battles it will not swap for 2 turns. I sure hope this is a bug. The release notes did not mention this change!

Area is was found in: Battle arena

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Start battle with Dracorec Gen 2 in your lineup
Step 2 - Swap to Dracorex Gen 2
Step 3 - Dracorex Gen 2 is pinned for 2 turns

How often does it happen: always

What type of device are you using: iPhone X

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)


Nope that’s just how it’s meant to be, and thankfully! It’s just a text error currently. It’s meant to be a 2 turn bound and it’s gonna stay that way. :slight_smile:


From the release notes :wink:


Thanks for clarifying, that was a rude awakening in battle


It says 1 turn on descriptions for both Dracocerotops and draco rex gen 2, but takes two turns. Description needs to be updated. Dracocerotops does have a glitch that won’t let it swap for 3 turns, though.
Swap in DC using DSR.
Next use its stun move
Next use rampage
Next turn should be able to swap, locking graphic is gone but swap icon still crossed out and can’t swap. THIS is a bug that needs to be fixed


This IS a place to report bugs, is it not? That IS a bug, isn’t it? And with steps to reproduce bug. You can take your sarcasm elsewhere, there are plenty of other discussions where you can join in the overly hostile conversations. Thank you have a great day!


Yes it is the place to report bugs. This particular issue is not exactly a bug, just a incorrect typo as since v1.6 the text has not been updated to say 2 turn lockdown. The actual fact it doesn’t swap out on 1 turn is not a bug.


Correct, but if you read my post. I am reporting that it doesn’t swap out after THREE turns, which would be a bug since it should be able to swap after 2.


To be clear, this is how it works now -

Turn 0 (aka when you swap in)
Turn 1 (when you are forced to strike) - bound
Turn 2 (when you are forced to strike a second time or use impact and run) - still bound.

Are you suggesting that the turn you swap in – which would be a turn that you already competed an action, should count as one of the two turns of binding? Even though you can’t do anything?

So by that logic, something with zero turns bound should be able to swap in DSR - then on the same turn before anyone does anything, also swap out?


Edited to add: I see now that you’re talking about the Dracoceratops bug (different than the topic at hand). This bug only occurs when you Stun and Rampage I believe, rather than when you regenerate or stun and regenerate.

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no they are correct to say three turns if you did it in that order does not work. If you do it the order stated your 1st attack stun, second attack rampage, you should now be free of lock and be able to swap however you cannot on the third turn, that is not counting swap in sr as a move.


yah was just adding that. I didn’t realize Ace was talking about Dracocera. That is a bug. Only when you stun/rampage. Might as well just rampage anyways since you force the opponent to use a potentially weaker attack rather than gain 1 turn of cooldowns or pass 1 turn of delay on stronger attacks.


Yes, I tagged on a post basically saying they need to update the description of swap in DSR with an example of a related topic that actually is a bug… side note: I like how it takes a Minnesota boy to decipher a Minnesota boy. :yum: