Dracorex gen 2 migration?

Living i L3, never seen Dracorex gen 2 around here before. One yesterday, one now. Something going on?

I work in L2, it’s still here like always.
Sometimes you see a random dino at a different location, but it could also maybe be a bus stop or gas station or something.

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Yep - Draco G2 can turn up at gas stations - plus, very small chance of anything appearing anywhere

No bus stop, gas station - or anything. Guess it’s just small chance kicking in.

How about Draco gen 2 extinction.


The map may somehow be coded that the game thinks it’s a bus stop or gas station. There is a spot in a local Zone 4 by me where a Draco1 pops up fairly regularly. It’s in a residential neighborhood, so we believe that somehow that house is read as an auto mechanic by the game.

It’s all based on google maps tags. Google maps thinks there’s a restaurant across the street from me that is just someone’s house. Tarbo spawn on that house throughout the day.


Googles how to tag my house as a restaurant on Google maps…

I would love to see if that could be made possible as well

Try knocking on their door, maybe they will invite you for the best dinner you have ever had.