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Dracorex Gen 2 needs fixing


I dont see how anyone can defend this. The thing is so easily spammable it’s ridiculous. 1 turn of lockdown is insane when every other swap-in ability and every other lockdown attack inflicts lockdown for 2 turns. If this was the case with D2 I’d have no problem with it; it’s a horrible, uncounterable near guaranteed kill and most likely be used to just flat out win a game at the end, but at least it’d only be for the 1 kill. Using it mid game may get rid of a dangerous dino but it would also essentially give your opponent a free ko as well. As it is now unless you have a dino that can 1 shot it (rather difficult when the thing’s been boosted to level 20), it will just swap in and out constantly dealing 1500+ damage every turn.


Honestly, Id be very surprised if the changes already temporarily seen in the text of abilities didnt come with 1.6. I mean, dracorex is locked in for 2 turns and it just has si strike.

This was probably a gross oversight.


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i hope the win feels as empty as the loss does.


an ‘oversight’ like with monomimus, as in not an oversight at all but a deliberate coin grab by ludia. The one ray of hope is that they do follow through with the nerf to make everyone who spent coin on this cheap piece of garbage feel dumb.


it’s a matter of time, draco gen 2 will get a nerf


I’m feeling a bit of deja vu. This topic must be a glitch in the Matrix.


I made this myself.
We should use hybrids.
It’s new years eve.


It’s about time someone spoke up about this :wink:

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Around 97832093278548 players have already been complaining for a long time about this. But personally I prefer Draco2 than Evasive Stance. Drac2 deserves to die. But ES users deserve even more.

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This game is honestly riddled with terrible, cheap game mechanics that just suck the fun out of it.


My man the win is so sweet.


There is a counter… lockdown. Sadly, it’s not a skill common to any of the dinosaurs you’ve likely power-leveled yet, and perhaps there’s still some tweaking to do, but I think Draco 2 is fine as is. Plus, when I pull him out to reset for another pounce, you get a free hit on whichever dino I put in his place… what’s your problem? My level 18 Draco2 is taking good bites out of some of the whales/swipers I otherwise wouldn’t be able to scratch. Definitely NOT empty victories.

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Amen… so sweet!


You’re referring to something you can only use AFTER you’ve already lost a dino as a ‘counter’, right… and getting a free hit means nothing if you can then get that next dino within range of another DSR and kill it again. The only counterplay is to just not let dinos get to mid to low health, which is nearly impossible in an actually close game.

But seeing as you and others find these cheap, cheesy wins to be so ‘sweet’ I imagine you dont care. Personally I cant wait for ludia’s coin-grabbing scheme to nerf this dino and boost another to make all the coin you sunk into it worthless

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Joke’s on you bucko mine is at 15.


“But seeing as you and others find these cheap, cheesy wins to be so ‘sweet’ I imagine you dont care. Personally I cant wait for ludia’s coin-grabbing scheme to nerf this dino and boost another to make all the coin you sunk into it worthless”

Personally, I think swiping to get huge DNA incubators and an easy leg up on the competition is more cheap and cheesy. It’s not at $$$ thing - got plenty of that - it’s a time/effort/risk/reward thing, which is why I play games. Buying, say, a $50 or $75 game off a shelf or as a download because you want to play it would be just fine, but spending money on a game you already have access to, just to get easy progression, is playing right into corporate hands, and taking the focus away from “good gaming”. Thus, all of my coin has come from FTP, and I’ll be happy to see any nerf they want to throw at us, because I know how to get more, and it means another opportunity to work out new strategies, which I will.

Playing with Draco 2 is fun, just do it.


Anyone defending Draco Gen2’s Swap-In DSR 1-turn lock I don’t imagine are getting swapped in on 2772 Uncounterable Defense Shattering damage 2 or more times a battle. It’s busted and desperately needs to be modified.


@Marktheshark exactly. Wait till they have to see one with 3600+ health :joy: ohhh man the tears that will fall then. Cant wait


“Tears.” Lol y’all are the ones crying about it.


I don’t cry about it. I face level 30 ones often and mine is still level 1. Ill never use it and ive never complained about it. I see people facing level 15 draco g2 crying daily. They dont know power lol