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Dracorex Gen 2 needs fixing

I honestly could care less about it. Its going to get changed to 2 turn lock. This is a short term problem for some

To be fair, power scales as level scales, so a lvl 15 DracoG2 vs. a lvl 15 team is similar to a team of lvl 30 encountering a lvl 30 DracoG2.

Yes but the thing is the only thing that can one shot a level 30 draco gen 2 is a level 30 erlidom.(talking without getting crits of course). at level 15 range its easy to level dinos high enough to one shot draco gen 2 no problem. At level 30 its impossible unless u have a level 30 erldiom which less than 10 people have total lol

I also think what you’re misunderstanding is: i’m not defending it, i’m not saying it isn’t overpowered. It’s busted as hell. But it’s also fun.

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