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Dracorex Gen 2 needs to be revised

I have been playing and enjoying every aspect and update to JW. The new dinos, strike events, daily goals, tournaments, etc.
This tournament I am purposefully modifying to all of my weakest and characters and dropping out of.
My reason is the as I would call it “ridiculously abused” sub in ability of Dracorex Gen 2.
The update brought us a new legendary that required this Dino’s dna but barely anybody uses the legendary and instead all of the top ranked battlers of all time and basically everyone else just use Dracorex Gen 2 at whatever max they can.
There are numerous commons with the ability to strike when they are subbed in but most of them even at high levels have low attack. Not Dracorex Gen 2! Instead it has a high attack and on top of that does 2x damage and goes through armor and shields!
Battling at almost every level has become just a cheap win of “sub in Dracorex Gen 2” especially if your opponent is on his last dino because if Dracorex Gen 2 has not been on the field yet it wouldn’t matter what else your opponent subbed in. The only thing would beat the Dracorex Gen 2 is a higher level one being subbed in at the same time from both players!
Until this dino is updated to a more reasonable sub in “even 1x damage with all the same features just like other Dino’s have” I don’t forsee much of a reason to got for the top or compete in tournaments anymore". Instead I’ll just hang back in the lowest ranks and defeat people just enough to keep my incubators full. Then I’ll go back to losing to stay in the lowest ranks. Seems just as ridiculous but why not get cheap wins that way and still get powerful incubators and any dna I can’t get from those I can get during weekly dinos, hunting, and incense… Just Saying…
Anyone else feel the same?


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