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Dracorex Gen 2 Poll

How far will you take Draco G2?

  • I unlocked it - But I don’t use Draco G2.
  • Level 10 - Im not sure I want to go any higher.
  • Level 15 - For the hybrid - But I’m not risking a nerf.
  • Level 20 - Team Member - I’ll deal with a small nerf.
  • Level 30 - Damn the Nerfpedoes, full speed ahead!

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My option is not here, so I reply :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am at lev 17 right now and I don’t think I will go further. I prioritize my coins on other dinos of my roster and I am pretty sure I won’t be able to level it up to lev 20 before the nerf, ehm before the next update :wink:

When they do NERF Dracorex G2, how do you think they will re-balance it?

Swap rampage for impact?
Remove defence-shattering?
Remove armour-pearcing?
Lower it’s damage?
Or do you think they’ll just leave it alone and not nerf it at all?

Increase the lock down to 2 turns


It’s more or less represented by opt #2

Dracoceratops, its hybrid will inherit the move sooner or later.

Why do they have to nerf it at all? Can’t they just let it alone?

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Of course they have to. It’s ridiculous that common is so lethal.

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Why you and others really bother with Dracortex Gen 2 nerf and what it will become?

95%+ of the commons are really not useful in team so let him just be another hybrid ingredient.

I think they just really messed it up with the balancing and that it was the Legendary Dracoceratops which was supposed to have the legendary Swap-in Defense Shattering Rampage move, and the common Dracorex Gen 2 ought to have had the Swap-in Stun ability instead. Afterall why doesn’t the Dracoceratops hybrid inherit any rampage moves? I think that this OP move is gonna get switched out or swapped around soon, I wouldn’t invest any further than L15 for this ‘common’ dinosaur.



I hate that they would know if they are going to do anything but haven’t given any notice. Poor form

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my response is not there either. i took it to level 15 for the hybrid and thats all i need from it. ill never put “cheap shot” on my team :grin:


It’s OP for sure for such an easy Dino but it’s rubbish that we need to plan the best accessible team we can except don’t pick anything too good or we will change it. Yay for mediocre Dino’s

Mines at level 20 with enough DNA to take it much farther…
hate the concept of an OP common tho so boycotting it on principle :-1:t4:

I’d hope players worth their salt in the higher arenas don’t need to rely on a cheap shot to win.


I will keep mine at 15 and never touch it until they (ludia) have set for the nerf in 1.6, which i never know will it get straight down to the toilet that time. But what I do know is their inconsistency of amateurishly buffing and nerfing dinos that you put hard work on.

I leveled to a 19 with thoughts of adding to the team, but decided against it although I do l like that it isn’t rng dependent. Definately agree that the move should have been given to the legendary. Peppering the planet with the little bugger isn’t helping things. If only the ingredients were as plentiful on the legendaries and uniques that we all have time and a ton of coins into.

I imagine there was a board meeting talking about how they would add a new hybrid and give it swapin dsr. The idea was accepted but then the office hot shot came up with magical idea to double the profits from introducing the new hybrid. Why don’t we initially give the sia to the common and then Nerf it later we been doing it for months let’s make money off the nerfing process even more than before! Drac g2 with sia dsr was born! Logically that’s what is going on! I’m sure we will get some talk about gross miscalculations but engineered obsolescence is the only reason why light bulbs have to be replaced!

This sounds like when we were introduced to SIAs, along with dodge and cloak.

He’s not a game winner (he can’t sweep a team) he’s a cleaner/finisher.

Glass cannon.

Dracorex 2 was be nightmare for player and change the result of battle…wow it’s new strategy. I like surprised…:grin:

Mission accomplished - got it to L20 now - 1702 of surprise damage; will concentrate on the hybrid now which is currently mid-L18. Is a good finisher but can be used in game too - as a sacrifice, you know you are about to take a huge hit and would rather it die than the one on the field and as a game changer, e.g. your Monostego has gone toe to toe with an I-Rex and just died; you have nothing else on your bench that can handle an I-Rex so you take it out. I know a lot of people say it is OP but you also sacrifice a place on your team for it so I’m happy enough.