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Dracorex gen2 is 100% broken

I usually try to stay on the side of caution when discussing nerfs. Generally I feel the better way is to make other dinos stronger than to nerf the meta dinos. However, dracorex gen2 is completely broken. Its counter is don’t have your dinos health less than 2700. No dino should be able to swap in with an instant DSR, let alone a common. On top of that, it only has a 1 turn lockdown before being able to retreat and abuse this OP move again (vs the traditional 2 turn lockdown when swaping in). It boggles my mind. It’s like Ludia is fully aware of how broken it is, and did it as a joke.

If Dracorex gen2 is going to keep it’s swap in rampage, its lockdown NEEDS to be increased to 2 turns instead of one. Come on Ludia, this is the definition of “There was a gross miscalculation in this creature”.


I think a lot of players are upset with the dino they picked to give it to, not necessarily the SIA itself.

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I fully support this notion. If Draco2 is going to get the strongest SIA in the game, it should be held to the 2-turn-no-swap-rule


Ludia made one of their “huge miscalculations” here. It was as simple as “2 turns locked”. No exploit possible, just a trade of deaths. But they made it so you can kill two of your opponents dinos just by swapping to a useless common.


It is very strange. I imagine there will be a bunch of mad players with high level Draco Gen2 after the next update. With him just flying in and wrecking all the dinos, they should just rename him Chicxulub.


They really should fix Draco G2 before everyone and thier brother start pouring tons of XP into it.

You think peeps are mad now, lol. Wait tilll they nerf him next patch, after everyone takes him to 26+.


Or it’s a business decision.
Step 1 Make useless common overpowered. Step 2 people power up useless common creature.
Step 3 ???
Step 4 profit


Keep in mind it takes a spot on your team that could otherwise be filled with a powerful unique or something.

Also its swap out and the second coming are very predictable. You can use a rampage or a stun if you think Draco is swapping out and wreck the next dino. You can swap to a high hp dino if you think Draco is going for another kill and that will cost your opponent the game.


You can do all that when you find out that your opponent has a Draco in their line up. This is, after having lost one of your most important dinos.


Yep. In that way it’s kind of like swapping to a counter-attacker.

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I have a feeling this move isnt so much a gross miscalculation and more a beta test. If the move ends up being to strong for a common, its easier to complete rework a common then a legendary/unique.


Please stop defending with your useless comments.

What a real Common kill Unique very easy and then on top even if you used your Unique priority strike, this Dino comes in and kill you as its first hit. Why not unique priority take preference? And on top this one have high speed too.

I really don’t get it.

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If your counter attacker was on every steroid known to man. A swap in DSR should not be in the game. There’s a reason why every dino that has a DSR move has it locked under a 1 turn delay.


I will try dracorex 2 in my deck for last turn…perhaps should win the battle…:thinking::blush:

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Only useless for those unable to fathom them.

Defending what exactly?

Only stating simple things that are for some reason not obvious to some players.
For example: uniques do take preference over commons. For example: when dracorex gen 2 and dioraja of equal levels (and equally “high” 108 speed) are swapped in at the same time, dioraja’s SIA will work first and it will counter with an already boosted attack. And then go first on the next turn.

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im 2-0 against teams who have used him.


What miscalculation??!! Working as intended hoards of people spend loads to power them up then Nerf next update 4 sure just like monomim, stegod, raptors the list goes on! Very clear pattern emerging there!! I’m getting mine to at least level 20 to have some fun before the hammer falls for sure though lol


The thing you are defending that he is good as it is.

Its really not. Especially a common. Then why we all spend time, efforts, fuel and on top real money to try to get and evolve legerndaries and uniques when a common just destroy them?

By that logic I don’t see why you didn’t quit after 1.4 when bleeds were changed: A level 1 bleeder can bleed out a level 30 stegod.

Also I never said anything about whether he’s good as is or not. I actually suspect he’ll get a 15-20% damage nerf.

Spend real money on cash and coins.
Dinos get nerfs.
The Devs say sorry.

We accept the apologies. Everybody make mistakes.