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Dracorex gen2 is 100% broken

Yes even we made mistake of spending real money in game :slight_smile:

Bleed is different, you get end of the turn to do something, and your attack at-least hit enemy.

In this case you can’t do much (even the priority move) and just dies (in real case he comes when you have HP left to die from his OP hit).

So many people whinging lol :joy: it will get nerfed eventully but it untill then just deal with it.


I can’t stand nerfs. This is a strategy game but don’t chose a strategy that is too good or we will change the rules. It’s like playing cards with a five year old. “I win” but why “because I win”.
Get the number right or just live with the consequences. I’m sick of choosing a Dino and having it changed it’s ridiculous.
As for Dracorex. It’s speed is appalling and will likley die before swapping out anyway. If it is fully OP then go get one yourself. Nerfing is what’s broken.
Any “necessary” should come with a three month warning so people can stop wasting resources on it.


So the opponent basically trades his full dino for your half dead or even nearly dead dino and you consider this OP?

Yes, if you don’t have rinex/erlidom/etc (high turn 1 damage) it can later swap out, but that sacrifices ANOTHER one of his dinos without guaranteeing he’ll be able to use draco effectively again.

As I said, the damage on dracorex gen 2 feels a bit too high, but the concept isn’t OP. High end battles are all about predicting your opponent’s moves and this part is actually really fun on both sides after you know your opponent has a swapped out draco.


You are very theoretical and sounding like a very fun playing the game and for sure a very big spender. When little peeps like me (who spend but not ton) and work hard to unlock a Unique (with long long way to go for leveling them without spending) then its not fun anymore when a common with miscalculations from developers come and own you.

And you said its fun when you know they have dracorex gen2 in team; by that time mostly OR realistically you running out of options already and no strategy can save you (as he will swap in and destroy you by-passing all your armour, priority move etc)

Another player who spent ton and end-up having high level Dinos … coming here and saying that this Dino is not OP

I’m in Aviary (barely 4530) and don’t see anyone using this because it’s just a suicide creature. Sure the DSR will hit hard but his speed is 108 so he’s usually going to have to take two hits before swapping since he won’t have priority and he’s not going to survive two hits from anything unless he’s absurdly over-leveled. So really I think this is not a big deal.


Sorry, I’m rofling hard and couldn’t read past that. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: I spent a total of $10 on this game.


If the player has some notion of strategy the’ll swap him in to finish off a dino. He only has a 1 turn lock down. He’ll get hit once by the new dino before being able to swap out. If his lockdown was 2 turns, it wouldn’t be as much of problem.

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Granted, I’ve never faced a draco gen 2 in aviary, but I love how they nerf monomimus because of


but then give swap in shattering rampage to a garbage common. an epic + arena 8 exclusive is “too easy” to obtain, but they’ll spawn a common out in the world and give them this ability. :rofl: :unamused: :roll_eyes:

can we expect this “gross miscalculation” to be allowed to continue for months and months as well?


Yeah, it sounded like another gross miscalculation even since the 1.5 patch note.
But they just don’t listen to the players, they realise it and hope you will donate huge money to evolve it. Next patch they will “notice” that it was a gross miscalculation and will make another trash dino op.


when the #1 player in the world has access to several lvl 30 uniques/legendaries and still gives a spot on their team to a gen 2 common… maybe there is a problem :thinking:


All I notice is Ludia never replies to these sort of comments OR threads.

Even just to say this is done and get over it … I want to hear from them even a single sentence which can even ask us not politely to keep quite.


OK, I’m done laughing at your absurd statements for the time being and can reply now.

If you have 2 dead dinos and 2 low hp dinos and opponent still has a pocket dracorex, you were outplayed badly. He managed to decimate your whole team losing only two dinos, one of which was sacrificed to swap out the dracorex. This isn’t much different from pulling out a velo to clean up.

If you still have a dino with high hp, SWAP TO IT when you think the opponent swaps to dracorex and you will win.

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well it got flagged… the #1 player in the world has a dracorex gen 2 on their team. now when someone is scrolling through their level 30 uniques and legendaries and bypasses them in favor of a gen 2 common… maybe there’s something wrong with it. :thinking:


First thing thats my last comment to your not so useful and almost pointless argument(s).

When you know he is in the other team you already lost most of your strategy which you were going to play-out with your Unique/Legendary. And his HP and speed is enough that normal level 21 and 22 Uniques (not talking about high attack ones) can’t kill him.

I am done talking with you on this topic, you can reply whatever you like…

And I am happy that you had a good laugh … lol

But few players here (who feels like working for Ludia or really really enjoy losing the game) keep giving their defending comments. BUT the company/publisher will stay quite :slight_smile:

Yes, 108 speed is absolutely godly. /s

Yes, when for a specific role (one-shotting something) you intentionally choose a dino that can’t fulfill that role (one with low attack), the role doesn’t get fulfilled. Duh.

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I agree that this is totally broken move, i dont understand why Draco gen 2 deserved this move, stygi gen 2 is still useless and nobody cares, but he got swap in dsr and went up from carcass to apex, soo something went terribly wrong