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Dracorex gen2 is 100% broken

At least make this swap in rampage, then tanks should note be ripped

Probably just temporary. Not like draco2 will be picked every battle anyway. It’s a fun ace-up-your-sleeve tactic to counter some of the horrible RNG out there.

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The power of Draco gen 2 can only be considered strong if it has the chance to do that move twice in one battle, so stop it from switching out is crucial.

Today I faced one, he sent in Draco to kill my wounded Trago, What I did was sending in my dioraja and pin it to the ground so it cannot flee, it only can use its basic attacks and I killed it with shield set up ready for next Dino, what this Draco did was only taking out a half wounded Dino.

Pinning Dinos are great counters to Draco gen2, unfortunately they are very weak as a whole and not many people run them on their teams.


I don’t understand all the complaining. I like it, I’ve been working on mine since 1.5 came out and still only have it at 18. I faced several in arena 10 and won every time. It is one out of many useful dinos and if you spend the time, money, and effort to raise it up to a high enough level to be useful, then kudos to you.
I enjoy the change, and it really just adds another dimension to the gameplay.



I also think that people should not shout nerf everytime a dino takes them by surprise :slight_smile:
Dracorex gen2 is a fun dino to use and it can be a tactical dino for sure, but the game should have some tactical aspect and not just RNG. Furthermore dracorex gen2 is not an OP dino, it can never take out a whole team like some RNG god tier dinos. It can turn matches around for sure but a lot of dinos can do the same. I love that little sneaky thing :smiley:


This isn’t miscalculation, this is just a cash grab scam by Ludia. They gave a common dinosaur a broken move and made it more broken with a one turn pin, so it can defeat the best out there twice in one battle as long as you put money into it. Eventually, just about everyone is going to spend on this garbage, and they’ll “realize” it’s too overpowered, and nerf it. Ludia is turning into a joke.


A level one bleeder will also die after the bleed, unlike this garbage, that comes in with an immediate kill, and gets saved for another kill. It also does not abide by the rule of swap-in effect, which is a two-turn pin.

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I don’t want to argue with you about this but at least this dino needs some skills/tactics/setup to work and win a match for the user. Unlike some “garbage” :smiley: dino that uses cloak or evasive and 100% luck dependent.
Maybe Ludia will nerf it next patch but until then it can mess up your gameplan for sure. But at least now we have some variety and not just the “broken” unique dinos.

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Unique dinos are harder to counter because they’re many times harder to create. Also, any evasive or cloak only has 50% chance of working and it loses one turn of attack by going into those stances. They also have means of counter such as nullifying dinos, where as this, the only means is to have more HP available. Also, all evasive and cloaking dinos have the same amount of cooldown time period, unlike Dracorex Gen 2, which Ludia has given a handicap of 1 turn swap to help it survive, because it is garbage.

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I see your point as well :slight_smile: and we can agree that we disagree on a few things.
I don’t have a lot of high level or unique dinos (only indoraptor) and for high level players who invested a lot of time and money into making their team strong this dino is a little slap in the face :s but for me and casual/F2P players this is a nice little dino to have and use.
For me and I guess for most of us at the end of the day this is “just” a game and we should have fun :smiley:

I like this community because people are really helpful and nice here so it is an awsome experience for me.


I understand why you like it, but there is no arguing that the dinosaurs with the same abilities in this game should abide by the same rules. Its SIDSR is a swap-in move, and therefore, at the very minimum, it should have the same two-turn pin as any other dinosaur that has a swap-in move.

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I guess we have to wait and see what happens :slight_smile: maybe Ludia will change it up a little bit.
I will level it to 20 and leave it there because I feel it will get nerfed to the ground soon :smiley:
But until then it will be fun to use.


If you can’t punish the swap-out, you don’t deserve to win.

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Yes, I recommend saving your resources. It’s Ludia’s nature to rebalance once they’ve made enough money. Upgrading him is not a bad option as long as you have a balance of levels across your team.

Lol, Ludia will take care of him soon enough. I’m in the part of arena where only a few have him. Discussing why a Dino is unbalanced is irrelevant of any player’s wins and losses.

1.4 patchnotes long before SIDSR was introduced.


I’ve darted this thing approx 8-10 times this morning from my desk and could probs get it up to at least a 21. Don’t think I will be replacing anything on my team with it and mainly darted in case there is demand from the alliance. Seems way too situational for me, but respect those that can win battles with its help. Herds of drac 2, but no other useful ones except apato.

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:slight_smile: thanks, sadly it will happen sooner or later because it is a lot better or more useful than its hybrid and as a common dino this is unacceptable :smiley:

I’ll concede on that point. I did not remember all of the details from the 1.4 release notes and haven’t seen any other SI abilities with 1 turn swap. However, I’m still with the other players who agree it needs to be rebalanced, and won’t be surprised when it does.

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Well, to be honest, creature rebalances have little to do with dinosaur behaviors. I believe Ludia do them to keep us spending on new dinosaurs. Otherwise, the same 8-12 dinosaurs, once maxed out, will be optimal, and we will have very little reason to keep leveling anything else up, lol.