Dracorex gen2 is 100% broken


It should get a slight attack nerf tbh, and a more useful skill instead of I&R. I’ve been using dracorex before 1.5 and replaced it with the gen 2 version as soon as 1.5 hit. I play dozens of battles every day. With the gen2’s speed only got to use impact&run once, lol.


I believe it needs decent levels to be able to pull it off twice. I’ve only ever come across 28 and up, so it is not very hard to pull off. It does involve a sacrifice, but the opponent can tank the last hits and come in with him again by the time I had less than 2500 HP left. Problem is tanky units don’t do enough damage to kill him and higher damage dinos are more glassy. Pinning is not the best counter because the more versatile dinos have the most basic attack as a pinning move also.


I’m floating around just below aviary and I do see him occasionally and usually when I see him it’s completly by unexpected surprise followed by me getting booted a loss. I leveled mine to level 16 and put him on my team to give him a try and admittedly he is an interesting option that has scored me some wins that I wouldn’t have gotten had I not had him on my team. But after using him I honestly feel like he has a fair amount of limits. Like a lot of people said above, even if he managed to kill your Dino he’s almost always gona be underclasses compared to whatever Dino u pull out next, and even if u cant one shot him and you are pretty sure the opponent will switch him out, u can easily predict that and punish the next Dino with a crippling attack. Also after seeing him used once, you become aware that the opponent has a drgen2- u can predict when he will be switching into him based on ur Dino’s health. So in my opinion he’s only rly good for finishing off that third Dino and guaranteeing the win for u. Think of him like that priority move that utarinex and utasinoraptor have (forgot the name), without the stun- so it would be pointless to use unless u can finish off the Dino with the priority attack. In that sense I kinda stand in the middle of the idea of giving him a nerf… there’s a lot of downsides for having him on your team like him taking up a slot that can be used for a Dino that brings more diversity of uses, if his surprise switch in DSR doesn’t take the win or doesn’t kill the Dino, he’s either dead or can be predicted. The only time he really glows is in that limited situation of the opponent being having already lossed two Dino’s and the third/fourth having very low hp. I’m not against the idea of him getting a nerf but I feel like he isn’t the greatest even now, more of a joke Dino- and people are getting upset cuz he brought a brand new method of getting you the win that no other Dino had (at least efficiently since dracorex and few other Dino’s also has swap in attack). He prob will get nerfed after all there’s a lot of pressure from frustrated players to bring down the hammer, but I feel like changing the swap out delay to 2 would be enough


Just reminder


I find it hilarious that high ranked people can’t handle a gen 2 dracorex.


If they are going to do it. They should tell us now. Give as much notice as possible, Before people pour more time and money into it. Don’t wait for two months then do it.
I hate playing with moving goal posts. Absolutely the worst thing about this game. Worse than the invincibility strike tower bug!
Let me add that the changes / nerfs made all had reason to do but the players shouldn’t be penalied. If they mess it up they should have had heaps HEAPS of notice and I believe should have the option to devolve to get coins and DNA back (Only in situations where a Dino has been nerfed).


Actually invincibility bug is a good one, if you are not sure you can take down the tower, bring a Trago and you can restart the fight by restarting the game.


Wait for the Dracorex Gen 2 scent capsule.


Just read the OP post, so I maybe am writing something just said:

2.700 will be damage at lev 30 I think. If a person would waste such amount of coins to overlevel a dino that will be of course nerfed in the next update, then this person deserve to take full advantage of its SIA, that costs him about 1.285.000 coins from lev 15 to lev 30 (if I did the math well).

But in this update didn’t they fix the lockdown move (hello sarcorixis) that prevents the exchange for two rounds and not just for one?

Pinning Strike

The Swap Prevention lasts 2 turns, letting the user pull off the effect without having to time it properly on the turn before when the swap out would happen.

So some people are choosing to use draco gen 2 and are they leveling it? Just overlevel your sarcorixis.
This is the movement we want to see in the arena, isn’t it? Or we just want to play with our already leveled up dinos and complaining about new dinos having a buff so that they will be nerfed and we still need to use our boring dinos to fight in the arena? :roll_eyes:


Its amazing people defend this when they JUST nerfed monomomis for being “too powerful when considering its component ingredients and rarity.” What is this if not that?? A swap in DSR should not be in the game. Period. Powerful moves like DSR need a delay, and to use it instantly having priority over everything else is broken. On top of this, adding this broken move to a common? It’s like Ludia had a bring your family to work day and had their nephew build this dinos kit.

When people spend a good amount of time hunting for the best dinos, the uniques, which are supposed to be end game and this common contends with them nicely, there’s a disturbance in the force. A common creature with this much power slightly devalues other people’s hard work on legendaries and uniques.

Some people claim they don’t see this creature very often so it isn’t a problem, well good for you. However it’s prevalent enough in the top 20 to be making a post about it.

1 simple fix of making its lockdown 2 turns instead of 1 would change this dino from broken to annoyingly manageable.


Well, I do accept dynamics is important to games (especially mobile), but changes which are too frequent is not really healthy (I think) especially for F2P players and “Pay-a bit-Less” players.

In less than 6 months, we have seen the meta changes few times. Each time the meta changes quite a number of dinos got nerfed and loses its significance. As a result, precious resources i.e. cash and coins are wasted. New dinos are created, which is good, but new theme sets in i.e. Raptor meta - Tanker meta - Bleeder meta.

So with each meta, we players will have to spend money and time to build up a new set of dinos (team) - to cope up with the dynamics of the game - which is very costly since we have to level up our dinos to remain competitive. Besides, the old team would most likely be benched everytime a new meta sets in.

Over the long run, I doubt that many players will be able to cope up with changes which are too frequent. Coupled with the so many bugs which have not been addressed (despite the so many complaints) it is likely that the players base will deplete sooner rather than later.


I find it ridiculous that there is a new legendary trike/gen2 drac if I remember that has swapin stun drac gen2 will probably swap sia with it eventually as currently the legendary is unusable trash while it’s common parent is god mode nuke button


This is how i feel about dracorex g2. Also 4-1 against teams that use it. Only one i lost was to a level 29.


5-1 against teams that use. Only loss was to a level 29


Main reason my draco g2 is still level 1 :joy:


Wow, a level 29? The highest I’ve seen is an 18 :joy:. You must be ranked pretty high. What does your team look like?


I also fight against lv28 Draco gen2 several times…in the tournament.
That’s a nightmare.
Yes this kid need 2 turns self lock after swap in.

But not to change that stats or cancel SI DS-Rampage.
Because this might be the only useful point for this dino.


I think it’s unnecessary to give SIA’s to the common dinos or give that abilities but more balanced. Eventually Draco gen 2 will recieve a nerf but what it’s the point of release that kind of ability like the suchomimus time ago


I think people are just made because they keep losing to the Dracorex gen 2


I finsihed around 22nd. Idk i was at work when it ended lol. But the guy im talking about is i believe top 10. Cant remember his name. Something Kat