Dracorex gen2 is 100% broken


A lot of top players seems to use it


I’m not even close to that level haha. But I totally creep on the top players teams to see how good you have to be at that level. It blows my mind how high levelled they are! What does your team look like?

Congrats on the top 50 btw. That’s awesome.


I snuck in to +4500 just in time for the tournament end. I didn’t see a single Draco Gen 2 on my way up.


Giving out congrats to know cheats because they placed high lol


What do you mean?


Search for topic “VIP means less rng”


That’s good enough evidence that there’s nothing to fix. Using Draco2 or not is really just a strategic choice just like any other dino in the very limited 8-dino roster.


Sorry. Couldn’t find it.


The post got closed that he told you to look for. But he is referring to fact the post exposed a spoofer. Also several people in my guild have Draco at lvl25 or higher. Two having them at 29 and 30. Guild is Apex Predators.


My level 23 Stegodeus was outflanked by that little cricker in level 15 the other day! I give it to the opponent, well played move, but I was so mad I lost to a level 15 puny Dino that I didn’t battle for 2 days! :rofl:


Nice! My goal is to get mine to a point i can take out the annoying monomimus before it can use evasive haha. What is the damage at that level?


Ah yes. What’s his name in game? OakwoodsSlimiest or something?


Yep. Matched up with him today. He killed 2 of my dinos solely swapping Draco2 in then out then back in. It’s busted.


Welcome to JWA forums, please come here and post complaints after losing battles in the arena.

The developers spend 90% of their time in here finding out what is wrong with their game. Fixing what ever you suggest is wrong

Currently working on rng.


I see a lot of F2P and “pay-a-bit-less” players like me (I think I put around 50 Euro in this game) enjoying this thing, Here I see the complains about strong people who invested time and money to level up uniques just to see a common come out and destroy them. Again, to level up a draco gen 2 (that again we all know it will be nerfed on the next update) to lev 27-30 cost the opponent the same amount of coins, time and money. Just invested smarter in the short run cause he is able to overlevel this powerfull dino in 3 weeks instead of levelling each unique I don’t know maybe every 2 months? But, in the long run, when draco gen 2 will be carcass again in the next update and your uniques will be stronger for keep levelilng them up, all the stronger players with stronger uniques will be fine again.

People here on the forum complained that, with all these tournaments started and the prizes gave to the same strong people with the stronger team was unfair, cause strong player will get stronger, and weak players weaker…

Here it is Ludia response, and this is the same reply from the beginning: playing smart you can win, even if you don’t have a great team. Velociraptor (really easy to level up when there was the raptor meta) pounce and swap, stegodeo (really easy to level up when there was the tank meta) armor piercing rampage, now bleeding meta taking advantage of the large amount of tank HP and draco meta…
Ludia also listened people and is giving a free incubator at 2.500 trophies, to help casual players (example, my husband play 2 hours per month and he ended the tournament at 2226 trophies…

This is why I prefer variety in this game.

This is your decision. if you want to put other money in the game to stay competitive, or just take a rest from climbing arena and trophies and just enjoy the fights, no matter if you loose or win. Keeping incubators running? Just drop a bunch of trophies and you can still earn incubs.
Don’t want to loose trophies? Then spend, after all Ludia is a Profit Company and I think is doing a great job on earning money so far XD


Prob doing among the worst in customer satisfaction though if another company got the IP and made a game with half the flaws this one has I’m sure most of us would leave in an instant


So many gatcha games don’t break every time they add a new character the fact they do it on purpose to milk $ here is kinda disgraceful and unethically


I can agree with customer satisfaction on all the issues are well known (dinos trapped into strike event for example, yesterday I wanted to cry seeing a T-Rex gen 2 into the concrete and I was not able to catch it, spending 15 minutes of my life tapping the cell screen on all the angles without any results :sob: ) but not on the meta, this needs to change, otherwise there will be no hope for new people who start playing now. :slight_smile:


What hope new player have they don’t have unique and all the op commons they level up get nerfed in a few months


So much hope having only access to Draco gen2 spawns ATM don’t worry new guy your staple Dino that works will be trash in a few months and your back at the start again…