Dracorex gen2 is 100% broken


I am giving my views on the overall development.
I am not saying that I am so eager to be competitive and wanna be on the leaderboard.
I do farm for incubators from the lower arenas.

So, from my point of view, at the rate this game is going, players will feel cheated eventually, quit the game resulting in a loss of players base. Again, that is my point of view. I am a just a normal human being. I give my views on what I could see. It may not necessarily be correct.

As of now, I can see many disgruntled players with so many differrent issues - old ones or ones that are newly created with each update. And I think this is not positive in any ways.

So, if you find everything is fine with the game, good for you. I will not argue against your opinion. The same here. I share my views and concerns with the hope that the Devs will seriously look at the loopholes, make the necessary adjustments before it is too late.


Oh my comment wasn’t against you, I just wanted to share my opinion and I took inspiration by your post. :slight_smile: We just may not agree, but I always argue on the idea, not the person who express it.


Funny part is meta changes and changes but leader board always the same regardless of tournaments or not! Means only people that get wrecked by constant changing meta is the mid tier and new players


We really don’t need to have this dino as useful. Common to be useful for high level player is like …


I made it to 4514 I think with a L17 (now L18) it’s fun as hell


L24 can take out a L20 Monomin before he can say “what th”
But realistically if you hit it even once then Draco can finish it off straight away at really low levels (because Monomin is made from tissue paper now).


Well said.


If they are going to nerf it. They need to tell people now. Not wait months with people speculating about if it will happen.
It’s really bad form to let people spend on it then change it later. It’s definitely the thing I dislike most about this game.


Just saying…I keep darting Draco gen2 and have DNA enough to make level21 but will not invest my coins yet as I’m sure that it will be nerf sooner or later.


I would be 100% cool with them swapping the swap in DSrampage to Dracoceratops, and giving Draco2 the 66% swap in stun. I think that’s the perfect solution. Then everyone who has no invested a ton into draco2 doesn’t totally take a loss, and the legendary can live up to it’s “legendary” title.


All I want to say is:

If you know draco gen 2 is going to get nerfed 2 months later and you still choose to level it up, why complain?


They’ve had a cash grab dino every meta since the beginning of the game. Velociraptor, Stegodeus, and now, Dracorex Gen 2. It’s a common that’s able to rival some high level top tier dinos at a high level. Yes, it’s gonna be nerfed. When? After they’ve made enough money. Yes, it’s a short-sighted investment, and yes, it would be on you if you invest in it.


How they are making money off a common? I don’t think people buy incubators for common DNA


The coins it takes to level a creature to lvl 30 simply cannot be gathered without spending loads of dollars on coins. Not without months to years worth even spinning stops and hitting daily caps. That’s why the meta back flips every update they are straight milking the cash cows in end game arena


Starting with a dino at level 1 assuming ur level 20 AND JUST USE COINS FROM SPINS. It will take u 51 days to max a dino to 30. But mind you thats not including any other source of coins (which are plentiful). So saying its impossible to max a dino to 30 without spending is absolutely wrong


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Math for ya if u dont believe me…

It takes 1,158,190 coins to go from level 1 to 30.
Coin cap is 22500 at level 20.

51.475 days


There’s an update almost every 51 days that ain’t a coincidence


Im not doubting they change the meta as a money grab intentionally. That’s quite obvious


So yeah if you want Dino maxed that is relevant in current meta it’s wallet time