Dracorex gen2 is 100% broken


And in relaity itd be way faster than 51 days. Because that’s not accounting for strikes, incus, battles, chests, donation daily caps etc.


Its not the coins thats the hard part. its obtaining the dna to max a relevant dino without spending


Must not be hard for you though right!?


You could be entirely F2P and could have the coins available to max a tryko. But ur never going to have the dna in 51 days without spending


If you are F2P your not going to be L20


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I don’t agree that it would be on the player when the company changes the rules.


Im just showing its mathematically possible


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Keep on topic, please. Also, we do not allow accusations to be thrown at other players.


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Hi jay. Im not sure if you are the person to talk to, but it would actually solve a lot of issues if Ludia would make some sort of announcement on this topic one way or the other. Even if it is something along the lines of “we are looking into This matter to see if the stats need to be reworked”. Players shouldn’t have to be fortune tellers nor pay for the “gross misculculations” of others.


That is a rule of this game. Dinosaurs get rebalanced in this game pretty often and has been since the beginning. There is nothing in the game that says a dinosaur will not lose certain stats. Ludia has even mentioned they believe hybrids with more rare components would be better than hybrids with less rare components. By that philosophy, this is the least rare and not even a hybrid, so it should not be able to rival the top tier uniques.


Its a rule in this game is it. It’s a rule that the stats are going to change. That’s ridiculous. Yes they have a disclaimer saying they reserve the right to make whatever changes they deem necessary but that doesn’t make it right. No a common shouldn’t be better than even a rare but we don’t make the stats they do. And some commons are better (tany, Allo, Velociraptor are all aguably better than many Dino’s at a higher tier). Firstly they should put more time into making sure the numbers are right before releasing them and secondly if they mess it up it shouldn’t be the players that pay for the mistake. Can you imagine buying a tv and after a month the signal disappeared or it didn’t get channel x anymore or didn’t connect to the PlayStation what ever all of a sudden. You would be entitled to a full refund even if the tv manufacturer had a disclaimer saying they can do what ever they want.
Don’t get me wrong I think they usually make changes in the best interest of the game (although sometimes over do thing) but the attitude of it’s the way things are is, well, not great.


Yes, they make the dinos, they make the moves, and they make the rules. Lol, if you want an advanced notice, then listen to all the players telling you this. No one said Ludia is being fair, they’ve made it unfair for the players who have invested and spent time making top tier dinos who are now losing to a common who never had a broken move until 1.5, and 1.6 will probably correct that idiocy.


it has very low HP and speed. that’s the balance.


That’s laughable. It is by far one of the easiest to overlevel and can be switched out after taking one hit. It has great HP and Damage at high level and can be used to take down two half-health uniques in one battle as it’ll rampage for over 2500 damage at a high level. With over 3k HP, the only option to stop it from leaving and coming back is pinning strike, which is a basic attack and uncommon in top tier.


Just use it for fun while it lasts. I agree though it makes no sense. Guess Ludia did their own RNG for the moveset and Draco2 came up. Could’ve just as easily been Diplocaulus lol.


Lol, it probably will be Diplo at some point , but my guess for the next one is Iguanodon :joy:


imagine a team has 4 bleeders, 1 draco gen2, 1 ornithomimus, 1 monster, a tank with counter attack, that would be pretty crazy…if high lvl, could beat top 50 team