Dracorex gen2 is 100% broken


Another downside of having Dracorex G2 in your team is it can handicap the hit and run move of another creature, e.g. Diloracheirus - you’re up against another creature with ~2000 HP - hit and run would be perfect but you would kill the opponent and swap in Dracorex G2 which will strike at nothing. The flipside is that in the right situation you combine the moves - this works well in strike events but I have yet to have this work in the arena.


I successfully swooped and auto swapped to Draco2 once. It was glorious when it happened, but I usually don’t get that lucky with my line up.


What level are up to now? One more darting and I will be L18 if I have the coin. My Dimodactylus is L17 and may experiment with that in Draco’s place for a few battles.


I should have it at a 19 by tomorrow. Planning to take it to 20 and then stopping. I know it’s going to be short lived, but I am enjoying it while I can. I have also gotten some bad matchups with it latel. though. The 3 other dinos I was given just didn’t work well with it.


I’m loving the move even though it should be on its hybrid! allows you to win in bad matchups cause you practically got artillery support spinotasuchus loves swapping to dracg2 if something would kill him after bleeding a tank, usually when he been slowed. He be like oh no you blocked my swoop here have this hadoken drac g2


I haven’t even created the hybrid yet because I alll the DNA is going to leveling Draco2 right now.


My hybrid is L18 and have tried it out but it’s not good …


It’s hybrid gets a non-damaging stun… :exploding_head:

Why would anyone be even motivated to level it up? And 66% chance to stun at that…

“gross miscalculation”


I’m levelling both so I don’t get “surprised” when they switch the moves!


I’m only 10 dna from creating the hybrid. I’ll start working on that when I get draco2 to 20. Which won’t be long. But you are probably right, there is no way draco2 is going to keep that move


Dracocera needs rampage and run and maybe a small damage boost cause i actually like its kit… its damage out put is really lacking though like at level 17 it has the same damage 645 as ankytro.


I still try to think deep on this. Why ludia create this common monster. Suddenly i dont think its a miscalculation, they intentionally doing it. …but more important question now is, why???
I think ludia create this to allow those low rank player who have difficulty to create expensive and difficult unique, to have answers. so that they aware and know that even super power unique still can be countered too in alternative way. Each dino has their answers, and answers which is not necessarily be a unique too, but on a common that can be reach by all level of players. so that all people at all level will continue playing.
…is that correct ludia/moderator?

i think that is a good idea and noble intention. why not.

With all that long sentences and the reasoning i mentioned, i humbly think there is no prob with current DSR and even current amount of damage. The challenge & current adrenaline in game, is fun. The broken part is actually, to allow swap after 1x turn. should make it 2.



I feel the rare dracorex was quite balanced with a 2 turn lockdown, but also IC. It could be countered by turn 1 hard-hitters like rinex/erlidom OR anything immune, but against other dinos there was still a good chance of swapping out. Keep in mind a good player will punish the swap out too.


I think they only did it because everyone had so much worthless dna for it , so they had everyone building it up and spending coin .
I think it’s crazy to make it as useful as it is , but what can you do ?


I agree on all your post, except for this. But I gave a heart on your post anyway :slight_smile:


At least pick a dino worthy of looking like it should have swap-in DSR.


YES omg!!! I was so confused why a swap in RAMPAGE had only a one turn lock in. You have to kill it in one hit or you’re screwed. Such bs!!! Why would the irritator gen 2 get locked in for two turns when his swap in attack only does 1X damage but a rampage swap in gets stuck for one turn? The only thing I can think of is his health is lower but who gives a damn about that when his swap in can do THOUSANDS in damage starting at a relatively low level!!


Lol, your name, Im dying :joy::joy::joy:


Lol :sweat_smile: kupo!!!


There needs to be a moogle emote :grin: