Dracorex gen2 is 100% broken


draco isn’t the problem it’s the skill


Dracorex 2 is not broken. It’s simply a useful tool that any level player can use. Sorry it annoys the people who spend thousands or have time to hunt 8hrs every day. Chalk it up as one for the casual players.


The problem is the combination of skills… Only one turn locked + shatering rampage + first action of the turn make a too strong uncounterable effect.

Don’t get me wrong the skill is really good and I like the way it can mess with any strategy but right now it’s just a common that can kill a mid life tryko (2770) and comeback to damage something else. But the Dino in itself is pretty bad so…it has a momentum now, any nerf can make it unplayable (meta)

It looks like they are testing a new swap in mechanic and to make sure to test it at multiple level they build it on a common so everyone can have one.

Oh and for those that would say you have to deal with it my win percent against teams with draco is above 70% so I’m fine with anyone who bring it :grinning:

In the end I don’t know how to feel about it. But I’m sure ludia will tell us about “miscalculation” and “common ingredient”


Gross miscalculation incoming much!? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just hilarious as the hybrid with ticeratops horns would actually be capable of penetrating armour lol


Health speed and stun sia over damage and sia Defense Shattering Rampage are you joking or what big L?


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Yep I’d much rather a lower damage than a two turn swap. If it’s two turns it becomes a suicide mission. If the damage is lowered a little maybe to impact rather than rampage you can still use it for strategy. 2 turn swap makes it unviable


I’d be very interested to see how many tens of thousands of dollars this top player has paid for this game!


We don’t know! We shouldn’t have to play fortune teller. If they made an announcement saying they are looking into it or just said they will alter its stats during the next update then yes it’s your fault. This is on Ludia people should be able to choose the best Dino’s they can not the best Dino’s that are not too good just good enough that’s stupid.


Why you want a common to be a viable option? Really? I believe there are already unvaiable commons and adding one more to it will not make it worst, lol


Thats my concern from start. Why Ludia just stay quiet (or stay mum) when everyone asking same question.

Really seems like they have no power to actually face people. Just say their side of things and move on.


I think we may have a language barrier here?