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Dracorex gen2 is 100% broken


Just hilarious as the hybrid with ticeratops horns would actually be capable of penetrating armour lol


Health speed and stun sia over damage and sia Defense Shattering Rampage are you joking or what big L?


Yep I’d much rather a lower damage than a two turn swap. If it’s two turns it becomes a suicide mission. If the damage is lowered a little maybe to impact rather than rampage you can still use it for strategy. 2 turn swap makes it unviable


We don’t know! We shouldn’t have to play fortune teller. If they made an announcement saying they are looking into it or just said they will alter its stats during the next update then yes it’s your fault. This is on Ludia people should be able to choose the best Dino’s they can not the best Dino’s that are not too good just good enough that’s stupid.


Why you want a common to be a viable option? Really? I believe there are already unvaiable commons and adding one more to it will not make it worst, lol


Thats my concern from start. Why Ludia just stay quiet (or stay mum) when everyone asking same question.

Really seems like they have no power to actually face people. Just say their side of things and move on.


I think we may have a language barrier here?


I agree.

Ludia, you really need to fix this. It’s really ridiculous.


Nahhh. There’s always a common that can be over-leveled and find a place on any team, first it was Velociraptor, then Tany, now it’s Drac G2’s turn. It’s not that OP, there’s a reason only a couple of top 20 players use it. Leave it alone Ludia (and no, I don’t use it).


Based on your logic, yea, it will certainly get nerfed … “first it was Velociraptor, then Tany”


It’s slow and does only 1028 damage at level 11 so it is ok, I guess?


Hadn’t even seen this thread until it got bumped just now. This is exactly why we can’t have nice things. God forbid any Dino come along that can serve a useable function on a team yet not be set far from the hands of the lowly peasants that don’t have time and/or money to create a team full of uniques. Or worse, are simply new to the game. If you guys want this game to continue, you’re going to have to accept that newer players need a way to build fun and useful teams or they’ll walk away from the game. Who wants more bot battles? Not me. Tryko this dinosaur is not. The majority of people in this thread either tried it and didn’t like it, or only bit on the hype of the first post and tripped over each to grab a pitchfork.


Isnt it amusing probably the best counter to this is dracoceratops?

All you gotta do is swap the same time they do :joy::joy:


It will, but it’ll take months, so you got plenty of time to whine some more.


Common or not, this new move adds a new element to gameplay, this creates what is known as depth. Sorry if your default dinos and moves no longer win every match in the same way. To me this is what keeps the gameplay interesting :man_shrugging:t2:


The bigger issue is having ANY dino with a move that can output 2700+ damage with zero delay. Every other DSR move has some sort of delay for a reason. Its not refreshing, it’s game breaking. It looks at the balance the game has tried to establish and gives it the middle finger.

Agree to disagree i guess though.

Anyone dumping hundreds of thousands of coins into this guy only have themselves to blame when Ludia sees reason, or when they’re done capitalizing on him.


My lvl 20 does 1702 except on the 1:20 chance it gets a crit. Using lvl 30 stats to illustrate your point is a straw man argument. 90% of players in this game will never even take a Drac g2 to lvl 20 before the nerf hammer hits. Looks like you’re doing pretty well to me. Let the rest of us have a little fun too please.


Let’s work together here, brother. If they let this go on long enough for people to deplete their hard earned coin supplies into this, then nerf it as another “gross miscalculation,” let’s band together and make a push for partial coin reimbursement when drastic nerfs happen. At the end of the day, we’re all in the same boat here.


U may as well get the whole coin reimbursement thought out of ur head


Are you facing lvl 30 uniques with your level 20 draco2? No? Then it’s not a straw man argument. Your draco is scaled down, but so is your competition so its just as effective.

Your level 20 draco2 against level 21-23 uniques works just as well as a lvl 29-30 draco2 against level 30 uniques.

I agree with your latest comment though. Generally I hate nerfs. There absolutely should be a refund/de-level option on dinos they nerf. I wish Ludia did a better job preventing “gross miscalculations”, and when they make a mistake they should eat the cost, not us.