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Dracorex & Monomimus Vine


My very first Vine, hope you will like it if you watch :slight_smile:


ROFL gold!

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that was, at least, 7 seconds, mon frere.

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ahah la base

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At least I’m not one of those :smile::laughing::yum:

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New vine guys !


ahah yeaa xD


I don’t have VIP either :joy:


Yup I’m no VIP. These vines describe my gameplay…


yea same not VIP also xD


Was there something funny here?


I am loving these!!! Keep it up!

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Relatable when I didn’t have VIP

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thanks a lot for the comment man it means a lot to me


sry it wasn’t nice for you, but I would love to get a constructive comment on how I could improve this, have a nice day ! <3


You are asking for construction criticism for a vine you made where you mockingly laugh at players of a mobile game who use a dino I assume you don’t use.

How about try to actually be funny?


yep but it’s in a funny way, not being serious about this, u know what a vine means

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Haha! I thoroughly enjoyed this.

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Keep continu the good work :grin:
Maybe you should add at few moments some music for the context!But keep continu

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I m using dracorex g2 too but this was funny good job :+1:t2:

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