Dracorex tournament

New dino time! Good luck to all. Here’s Drac himself:

That’s one cool looking creature. The stats are decent as well.
First round results


Not sure what determines the opposing team dino’s for the battles but this tourney seems harder than the last couple for me. My line-up hasn’t changed much and haven’t added anything stronger than i already had in the past.

I barely got into the DOM league from the start, was facing some really tough battles in the bottom of Pred league. I lost 3 or 4 battles and they were not really competitive, getting 1 and 2 shotted. I typically only lose 3 or 4 battles the entire event.

Might have to work a little harder for this one.

I did have some trouble in Predator with level 40 VIPs (wich usually show up in Dominator for me, if at all)
They may have upped the difficulty a bit, as this as a new unlock

Even for me, it looks little bit harder . Lost 3-4 games while reaching to Dominator league, but once I was there, I lost just 1 game. At 580 trophies at 1st round and have lead of 100 trophies over the 2nd ranked player.

On the positive side of things, i’ve landed on the Legendary lineup pack twice now. Sure beats landing on 100 DNA or 30k coins that’s for sure.


1st round…no surprises at all. Love the new Dino!


This tournament definitely seems a bit difficult, but ive only lost one battle and that was in hatchling league when the game decided to throw some decently leveled hybrids at me lol

Medal count seems to be gaining at a crawl this time around

Currently at 795 trophy points.
And given this is the first tournament I’ve taken part in since coming back. It does feel harder then I can remember. Although given this is a new creature, I guess that would make some sense.
At least they didn’t make it a MOD tournament like when they first added Mastodon.


Thanks for the screenshots @Kiarash_Bahar! I was wondering where this beast would land.

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Almost done for the day. I’ll probably do a few more rounds tonight.


Currently sitting at just above the middle mark of the pack. It looks like im going to have to rely on my heavy hitters, which is a tad annoying since they take so damn long to regenerate.

Gonna come back later in the day and play more


I’m curious… what order do other players do the events? PvEs for the day first? Or tournament first? Back when I was just barely making it into Dominator, I would do the tournament and only then decide if I had enough dinos to spare for PvEs. But now when I know I have more than enough to do both, and my schedule doesn’t allow as much time until the evening, I do the PvEs during the morning and during the day when I have a break… using dinos in particular with the lowest CD times so I might still be able to use them for a tournament run later that day.

This does though often mean having to do more battles to get up to Dominator than if you do them first thing in the morning. Although I find they can be a bit more predictable when more players have jumped in.

Curious what other players do.


When a clash of titans or tournament comes around, i usually ignore all other events

For me it’s is not my first thing in the morning, it is 2pm.
My order is always, Cenezoic event first, then aquatic event, then Jurassic event. After that I start with the tournament.
In the following days of a tournament I also wait for the new events to appear and I do no tournament fights before I finish my daily events.


I usually do PvE first, but this is a new dino, so it has priority :grinning:


PVE first, tournament after. Like @Mary_Jo said, I can usually knock the PVE out earlier in the day. Then, I can spend my spare time at the end of the day grinding on the tournament

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Depends on the events and the rewards. Like today is aquatic prize wheel, and since i am not doing as well in the tourny as i would like i will probably just skip it all together especially because it will require me to use lots of my best dino’s that i need to win in the tournament.

I’m lvl 72 and don’t have anything too powerful, mostly just lvl 40 run of the mill legendary and i’m not crazy about the aquatics or cenozoic

Here is the result of my first round.


It depends really for me really.
Normally, I ignore tournaments because most of them are for creatures I already have. So I focus only on PvE.
But, with this tournament, or any that give creatures I haven’t unlocked. I only do PvE that I only need weaker dinosaurs for. Or Aquatic and Cenozoic creatures. Another other PvE I ignore for the weekend.
Though on Monday, if I’m still Dominator by a good amount (like over 50th place) then I’ll focus on the PvE first, and then burn out the rest of my dinos on the tournament.

I would agree if you are not real deep on your bench for tournaments, that particular event is not a very good reward for the amount of dinos needed to complete it. I mainly do events like that for the daily sDNA rewards… although with there being 2 aquatics that are not yet otherwise available in the game, I do also do it for the remote chance of getting one (have gotten two copies of Hyneria from that event, but continue to strike out on getting any Leedsichthys).