Dracorex tournament

I did face a 3-herb lineup along the way, but only had one carno.


Apparently my points are this year!


Isn’t the tournament PvP?

The opponent has a picture and all.

I have a ferocity of about 1300 and got into top 5% Friday morning and started matching to 3000+ and just stopped playing. I’m still a little fish.

PvP in name only @Timmah!

There is no true PvP in this game. Consider that you always get to go first in tournament PvP. It’s just a point race.


I will have better data later today, so far the trend goes it is slightly higher than most other tournaments that were Jurassic with no rules…

Bottom of Dominator I am giving a range at this point of 1300-1475, as the tournament goes on I will be able to refine this down to a more accurate prediction.

If you are looking for bragging rights I am guessing the top will be between 3000-3300 at this point.

Good luck to everyone.


I typically win with lvl 40 normal legendary dinos, that is most of what i have to work with. With that being said in my experience i feel like the opposing team line up depends heavily on what you pick.

My go to is high health Herb 1st, high attack amphibian 2nd and high attack carno 3rd (all similar ferocity) When i do this it seems like most of the time the other line up will be Carno 1st, Pterasaur, Herb, or carno 2nd, Pterasaur, herb or carno last. Almost always at least 2 carno’s.

If i’m lucky i can take at least 1 hit with my 1st Herb, have a little luck and build to 4, sacrifice pass all to Amphibian then just play the numbers from there.

If i pick a different trio i will see other opponent line up. With line up i mentioned earlier i almost never see amphibians on the other team.

Even with a different trio, always the same strategy, something with high health first, and the 2nd dino the opposite of whatever has the bonus over my 1st dino. Build to 4, sacrifice pass all to 2nd dino

Been working for me and my not so great line up

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1/2 way through and it’s been a good tournament. However, I have 70 wins and the best prize I have won is 1000 DNA. Bit ridiculous eh?!? Also, I’m curious about the posts I see from others. Clearly, we are all not in the same world-wide tournament, as others are posting showing themselves in 1st place. I wonder how many separate tournaments are happening world-wide, and if others are getting better prizes for winning.

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Today’s run

@Potato, I found your three-herbivore match

@csewell, every player appears to be in his or her own bracket, populated with bots that are mimicking the names and pictures of real players. Conceivably, every single player could place 1st in a tournament. Presumably, enough people are winning the big prizes for the odds to be close to what is shown. You’d never know it based on what is reported here, though.



Think 3 T-Rex could have won?

That’s my stupid goal, win a dominator level match with T-Rex’s only.

These are becoming my favorite dinos for war. When you get the load screen and realize the match is a formality because you’ve already won…

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I’m facing teams with level 35 VIP’s in PREDATOR league. So I’d say this tournament is, generally speaking, significantly harder than previous ones.


2 wins and three losses later… i really hate waiting for my heavy hitters to recharge

This isnt going well

This tournament is harder, probably because of the new dino, so they ramped the difficulty up.

We are a little over halfway through the tournament and the bottom of my league is 650+ points.

I get that, but this is just a little too intense

I had a chance,

unfortunately as soon as I entered the battle I got a warning for 20% battery which kicked me out of the match :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:.

I wish these warnings would not do this but I guess serves me right for playing on a low battery. I also got disconnected at 10% which was a real downer since I was for sure winning that match.

For those that are claiming this tournament is harder, I have not seen anything in my game play that would lead me to agree with you on this. While the pace of the trophy climb is slightly elevated, and I do mean slightly. The difficulty of the various leagues and ranking combinations that are typically required are on point.

So I can agree this tournament will require 6-10 more battles over the course of the tournament, those battles will be at the approximately same AFS as they would be during any other recent Jurassic (no rules) tournament.


Do you have an idea of how many medals will be required to stay in dominator?

That was close :fearful: Annoying max VIPs being annoying is nothing new for me, but they’re showing up far more often this time

Anyway, my latest run


@mzumbo, per @Sionsith’s comparison to past tournaments, bottom of dominator was looking to be around 1450-1475. Adding another 100-200 usually helps keep you safe.



Only took 6 tries to get this win, for 36 points.


Now try three Triceratops. :wink:


Well that didn’t work…