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Dracorex VS Nasutoceratops (Who is more annoying?)

Both of these swap inners have WAY too much health, can take on chompers which they aren’t supposed to do, stun you for a while, and cheats you out of wins in general during rare tourneys. Who’s worse?

  • Dracorex
  • Nasutoceratops

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Draco, Nasuto is slow, has no priority, less damage, and only 1x multpliers with 1000 atk.
Draco has an impact, instant charge, and can always cleanse distraction


Thing is, Draco isn’t as versatile as Nasuto. Draco is more a one trick pony while Nasuto is a literal wild card. Plus, dat armor tho.

Draco, that stun annoys me and I hate creatures with anything more than a single resilient move in general.