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Dracorex vs Train

So I was out riding around on my bike hunting Toujiangosaurus as it is one of the event dino’s and I stumbled on this Dracoceratops that swapped in to attempt to one shot the oncoming train.

14.2 miles later and this is what a JWA hunt looks like on a map riding around on a bike for almost 3 hours looking for Touji. Them green drops were quite spread out along with only 1 in 5 chance to get what I wanted.

But all my efforts paid off as Wa-La! I was able to make Tourmaloch.

I got another 16 of 30 tries. Might as well see if I can get it ready for level 22.


Whoa that map shot is pretty impressive. Too funny about dracoceratops. My money is betting the train would derail. Congrats on the unique. I prefer Diorajasaur though.


I don’t have the ingredients to level Raja to make Diora. Some day later maybe.

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It’s like an old west show down. Lol :cowboy_hat_face: I wonder how it would look in sepia or black and white. Maybe some rain clouds? :cloud_with_rain:

A man has been named Bikelangelo after creating art with his bite trail


if i had to travel on bike to find tuo i would stop playing. also… the train doesn’t hit the rat at the end… its not even standing on the tracks.

I love that rat picture xD

And congrats.

The train was coming fast and I was rushed trying to get it positioned to take a picture.

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i know lol. i thought the same when i looked at the pic.

Really? Do you like biking? Cause if you don’t then I can see why. As someone who wants to bike again, I wouldn’t mind riding around to hunt dinos. Gives me an excuse to leave the house x3

Plus the exercise! X3

pity, if 1.8 didn’t nerf draco swap-in ability, it could bypass train armor and finish it.

unless that draco is over level and boosted.

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