Dracosaurus Rex idea

I thought about a new hybrid called Dracosaurus Rex and I contains Draco Rex and a new dinosaur Icthyovenator which should’ve be a super rare. The hybrid would be omnivorous and have to eating animations like it would eat meat at level 1,21 and plants at level 11,31. Its roar would be mixed with the no T. rex and spinosaurus roar. It would do claw attack at 1,2, then bite attack at 3,4, after that it would hit you with its tall at 5,6, and it’s special is it ramming it to the camera then biting it at 7,8 attack. It is made up of more creature like Diplodocus, Styracosaurs, T.Rex, and Velociraptor. It would be 17 ft tall and 42 ft long. It has 30 teeth 12 on the upper jaw and 14 on the lower jaw. At level 1 to 10 its color is a is dark red and black from the head to the back with some spikes. I slowly gets lighter when evolving it at level 40 it has spikes on its neck and has a white stripe going from shoulder to tail. Here is what I got from this.image|659x500