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Draft Box... Free tags

So, now that I have you here maybe @Rose or @Ned or whoever… I have been trying to figure out how these new game mechanics work on my own and with other members of the community as hard as I can… but the more i discuss them, the most confused I’ve gotten, so my main question in this post is…

What are free tags, how are they supposed to be functioning in the game?

From my initial understanding they are something you can get in various ways in game that earn you a free draft from the draft box.
However when I earned one in game, I did not have a free draft waiting for me, instead a tag was now on an item in the box. Now when others have landed on that tag(haven’t been able to myself), I’ve heard that finally does earn you a free draft. So is this how it supposed to work?
I still have a couple more questions. Can you go obtain another free tag before using your free draft that you have earned or is it a one time thing?
Are the free tag icons supposed to be popping up everywhere in the game?


Hey Cretinous_Martyr, our FAQ page here has some more information regarding free tags and the Draft Box:

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