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Draft not working, bugs on offers. Hatchery losing eggs

Lots of issues

I am also loosing eggs on hatching, i had 15 eggs hatching for a duty, then i clicked the building but i had a delay or something and got nothing, and not even counted towards duty goal either. Then it happened again later, luckily with only 1 egg…
Haven’t experienced the other bugs you mentioned.

Just had it in main. Account, so nowit jas been both my accounts

I had the same issue today with hatching eggs. I had started 15 eggs to hatch to complete Fishleg’s duty (8 blue, 7 red) and when I went to claim them it opened the hatchery, it froze and then they simply disappeared. They didn’t show up in my roster or count toward Fishleg’s duty. However, it still took all 150 of my eggs and 45,000 coins I used to hatch them.

Unfortunately it’s not something I could really screenshot but hopefully they can fix this before it happens to someone else and drains their resources for no reward.

I just put in 10 eggs and they were ready immediately and I got 3 dragons shrug

Happened to me and several clan mates as well.

Same here. I’ve noticed this started in the last couple of days. Lost 30 + dragons now and no record of hatch. Seems pre bugs in preparation for the update. Fun days ahead.