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Draft packs

It would be nice when I spend 400 runes, on a premium or top draft pack, that I didn’t get something that’s in the free draft pack. It’s a real waste to me and doesn’t seem like much of an incentive to either save or buy runes. The percent of actually getting a 4☆ and up is very low.

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I mean…I get where you’re coming from, in terms of the percentages being so low, but at the same time 400 runes is pretty easy to save up, if you focused on it. The game is already leaning pretty heavily if not in the Pay To Win bracket, so if one were able to get 4* easily just by getting the single purchase 400 draft…

Isn’t a 4* supposed to be an Epic dragon and a 5* Legendary? Or vice versa, I can never remember which goes first. Either way, they’re not really intended to be easy to acquire.

If you want a guaranteed 4* though, your best bet is to join a clan that gets you to 7* chests minimum. You get a 4* each chest. Otherwise, unless you do the 4000 rune draft it’s really just a crapshoot and a money-sink.

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