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Draft tokens

It would be nice to have a counter showing how many of each draft token we have. I have currently 130 draft tokens but I do not know how many of them are golden and how many are regular.


Hello @Military_Jane,

If you click on the “DRAFT” tab, are you able to see how many Basic Draft or Premium Draft you have?

That is what I see in draft tab:

Once there, if you click on either Basic or Premium, do you see a number indicating how much token you have?

That is what I see when I click in either premium or basic draft.

Never really noticed this, since i usually use all Premium drafts as soon as i get them. But i must say this does seem a bit annoying if you don’t do that. Having just some text in the same font as the “Free in …” with the words “Tokens Left: …” would be really helpful indeed.

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Interesting! No numbers are shown, thank you for all the screenshots. I will forward this to our team’s attention.


I was tracking my premium cards in notepad. Would be nice if Ludia fixed this one day.