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Dragon Color-Ability Requests

Since Ludia plans to keep making new dragon species - thought it would be a useful thread if we requested the types of color/ability combos that we feel are missing in the game.

I have heard many who want a 5* red healer.

I also can join many others who are wanting a 5* yellow with some more useful abilities. They all seem to be quite wishy washy / in between purposes. Never good attack for alpha and never a team healer or ability control for quest/campaign. Scarbearer and celestial have most use in my opinion but ppl sometimes like cloudjumper for quest/campaign. I think CJ could have a bit more useful abilities if it wasnt a solo heal.

Also, I think new abilities would be really interesting for us all gameplay-wise and perhaps we can come up with some ability suggestions for Ludia to consider?

Excited to hear what ppl have to say on this topic :fire:


Not necessarily something I want (I like how I can rely on it so much right now hehe), but it is something I kinda feel is missing for balancing purposes I guess? A dragon that cancels bonus health. Right now we have some that make you unable to heal, but you can still use bonus health, making bonus health surprisingly strong (imo). Of course an ability like this would be a lot more situational, but I could definitely see it be useful once arena is out!

Or a dragon that, instead of cleansing negative effects, moved them to the enemy team. Kinda like how some dragons have “Steal beneficial effects” abilities.

A dragon with both Heal and Heal over time could be really awesome too! The ultimate team healer!

Or one that gives guaranteed “Weak” hit to all enemies, like how Bombwelter gives guaranteed “Strong” hit to all allies.


Cool ideas @Zah

A vanishing ability would be pretty nice,“all allies gain 100% dodge for 1 turn” or something that can bypass bonus health.
An ability that can guarantee CRITICAL hits.
Or an “immunity” type of ability where your dragons cannot receive any negative effects for x turns.


Um awesome @BorkBorkImmaFork

What i feel like were missing:
A tank dragon with some type of Taunt ability, to force enemy abilities/attacks his way instead of allies.
A confusion ability to well, confuse enemies. making them attack random dragons (including allies)
A Poison ability, works for quite some time, Reducing healing effects & gets some damage over time
Thorn effects, same as counterattack but more damage. only works on melee attacks (not abilities)
Colour storm ability, more tiles of a speciffic colour drop for x turns
An ability that increases all healing & shielding done on allies for x turns

Also i feel like 5* dragons with max level abilities could get 2 turns of strong hit instead of 1.
And i share the lack of having a red AOE healer


I think strong hit should stay on dragon until they hit


actualy that would be even better yes. (with a maximum of like 5 or 6 turns) before it expires


An ability that can paralyze the enemy, so when it’s supposed to be his turn to attack, that ability will paralyze him and delay his attack for 1 or 2 turns.


I like the idea of a reverse abilities ability where the opposing dragons beneficial abilities go to the enemy team and the negative effects go to themselves that works for 4 or 5 turns.
For example, when the reverse is placed on an enemy dragon let say Fleetsleet, when Fleetsleet activates it’s abilities, it’s guarented strong hit and team cleanse of negative effects would go to the enemy team, whereas the x% of rival dmg would go it’s own team. Or with Murky, the full-team ability lock would go to it’s own team instead of the opposing team. Granted it would probably be best to give this ability to a rare hybrid or an event dragon.


You’re blowing me away @RavenousEye . the pokemon inspired battle abilities actually sound great on TU dragons.

But the color storm that affects RNG would have me drop everything and go for that lmao.

Paralysis could really turn the tide in arena @itami @RavenousEye

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Thank you for this thread @shortySTK!

It has been shared with our Developers/Designers.


@Marcus I think with some more input it could prove to be useful for you all. I will promote it over the other forums. :v:

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Well i really want a red dragon with mass heal kind of what Beachcomber does, there’s just not a single good red dragon for support/healing (Fireshrike comes to mind but she isn’t that good), also more dragons that can lock abilities and in general new ones.
I have some ideas that might be a good addition to the effects pool of the game, maybe. I just don’t know how hard it would be to code some of them and let’s be honest we don’t want more bugs lol.

Anyway, most of these could have 2 variants, self cast or team wide and are made up by me so any numbers would need to be properly tested as well as the spirit speed:

  • This dragon reflects all negative effects back to the attacker for the next 2 turns.

  • For the duration of the opponent’s next turn this dragon’s health cannot drop below 1hp.

  • All tiles of “X” color are converted into “X” color. Or perhaps into random color if you think it’s too strong.

  • This dragon loses 30% health and permanently gains 1 stack of “Enrage”. “Enrage” increases attack and defense of this dragon by 12%, stacks up to 3 times.

  • Random foe converts into “X” color. (Except alphas).

  • Turn random foe into a disguised sheep for 3 turns. While in this form it can’t attack or use abilities but gains invulnerability to all sources of damage. (Except alphas).
    Wouldn’t it be cool to see some sheep flying in battle?

  • All allies gain X% dodge. I’m surprised this one isn’t implemented yet.

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The designers are adding new dragons often and that’s awesome. This is a totally different idea that I just don’t know where to put it. For special dragons such as the DeathSong, Flightmare, Fireworm Queen, Crimson Goregutter, etc, that are special (in the sense that we only ever see one of them) but they are also GOOD dragons. Contrary to Alphas, we wouldn’t fight them, but they would be our friends. These special dragons wouldn’t be included in our team, but would be a “call in for help” sort of thing. A “team assist” if that makes sense. They would all have different abilities such as:

  • protect all dragons from damage for 2 turns
  • instantly gain 1 dragons ability
  • revive one fallen dragon with 50% health
  • fully heal one injured dragon
  • give all dragons a shield
  • double damage for 1 turn
  • instantly break through enemy shields
  • instantly lower all foes spirit to 0

The possibilities are endless. It’s basically a free ability (similar, identical, or better than current dragon abilities.)

This ability could build up over time similar to Spirit letting you use it once a battle, or maybe it’s a token that you find every once in a while in chests and can use whenever you need that special boost. That’s up to the designers.

I just think it would be an AMAZING way to incorporate those dragons into the game. I don’t think they should be like every other dragon. Torch being a 3 star makes me sad because he should be part of this special group too. But having these assist dragons would be a totally new feature to the game making it more fun, while avoiding making them like every other dragon.

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I really think the ‘This Dragon Steals Beneficial Effects’ could be buffed. I don’t find that ability at the moment useful. But a suggestion for that ability would be to allow the dragon to steal bonus health from any specific foe and apply to itself and that could make the ability more Useful.


I would like a dragon that is as versatile like light fury ability wise aka it’s good for quests but killer for alpha or vice versa.

It’s also a fan favorite among us all if we got an alpha killer esp yellow. There are lots of great green alpha dragons currently.

Lmao like my comment above was answered 7 hours later with thunderclaw ! Thanks developers ! I just wish the 5* was yellow and the 4* was the green. We have so many great green dragons for alpha- the most of any color and the least for yellow. But super excited about these new abilities and using these new dragons with alpha teams.