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Dragon is not able to level up


i have used 10 dragons to level up my Zesty zippleback dragon. its attack health and defence are leveling up but still overall the dragon level shows as 1. can you please fix this bug.


You are trying to upgrade a hand-out dragon that is already maxed. Whether it’s a handout bug or it’s normal for max star trained dragons - I don’t know, but I know that every dragon has a “cap” of stats, so you probably just won’t be able to level your dragon beyond some point.
One way or another, investing resources into this 2* handout is a waste, their base ~500 power is enough to farm Barrens, and you’d best save 2* feeding fodder until you draft\breed some 3* dragon, preferably a hybrid.


These “maxed” 2⭐️ Dragons are a bit of a conundrum IMO. They clearly can continue gaining strength (not to mention continuing to try to level up their ability) but it does beg the question whether it’s worth the fish to do it

In working through the Burning Barrens my team went up against a Zesty Zippleback that was 670 or thereabouts and well, it was pretty darn Zesty.

And just as another data point, because through the wonders of RNG and/or the purposeful rarity of yellow dragons, it was forever until I got anything better than a Serene Stormcutter so out of pure necessity I ended up maxing her out, 2nd :star: and all, and she’s a real force to be reckoned with, ability lvl 7. I’ve still got her on my first-string team even though I’ve now got Pincher