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Dragon point values in arenas?

Hi there,

I’ve been trying to play in the arena, but my butt is being kicked by teams well below my teams value. This has never happened before, and only began after the game majorly glitches on me yet again today.

When in the arena, I will be playing teams at least 500 or more points below my team. Also, when I battle dragons that are 3 star, the game shows that their points are well above what the maximum is for the book of dragons. For instance, I just battled a team with a 3 star Tripfire. Maximum point value should only be 943. The Tripfire I battled was worth around 1300. I also battled maxed out Anveil against another Anveil. Maximum value for Anveil is 1036. The opponents was at least 1300 or more. They had other 3 star dragons well worth beyond the Book of dragons maximum value. The team going into battle was about 500 or more points lower than my team. I know it’s not impossible to beat a team that’s got more points than yours, but my butt was whooped well beyond what it normally should’ve been in this situation.

What’s going on? Are their glitches? Or am I not understanding something?

This, in addition to all the other major problems I’ve been experiencing with the game as of late have left me a bit confused and :grimacing::disappointed:

Defenses get buffed. It is in the notes and lots of other posts

Ah thanks.