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Dragon rider gifts, anyone else get them yet?


Anyone get their exclusive dragon rider gifts? 7 days is over by a day now and I still haven’t received them.


Same. It disappeared… hmm


I came here to see if it is a known issue. All that hype and then the day arrives and the icon disappeared. What the heck?

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I also haven’t received the gifts yet. If we don’t receive them by the end of Monday, we’ll have to email Ludia to let them know of the issue.

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I just wrote a support ticket asking why I didn’t receive them either… While it’s not a huge shock! The fact that it’s a common problem hopefully means that Ludia won’t make us jump through all kinds of ridiculous hoops to price it.


I too came on excited to see what I was going to receive and “poof” nothing there, looked in mail, in personal mail, all over Berk and nada. I do hope they get it fixed soon.


I haven’t gotten mine either, there were no problems with the last one. And I really could’ve used that Tide Glider. Sent a ticket in but haven’t seen any changes…


Same here. I recall seeing the in 7 days you’ll get some mystery things, then a tomorrow you’ll get these 7 gifts. But have yet to receive anything. Nor find anything in game reffering to it. ??? Confusing and annoying.


Same at my account


Hey everyone, thanks for reporting this to us. Our team is aware of this issue and will be addressing it soon.

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Do you need our Support Codes or you will fix this for everyone?


Hey Loky, that won’t be necessary as the Dragon Riders reward should be available soon in the upcoming days. However, do not hesitate to let me know if you’re still having any other issues!


I had an email saying we would get them today at 10am EDT but still nothing


I take it back. Seconds after posting this it all xame through in the messages of game


you can do @ marcus as he will be able to sort this out