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Dragon Rider Membership

If my dragon rider membership expires for a couple days before I restart it again, will the amount of runes I get each day go down? If I get 150 runes a day now, will I be back to level 1 rewards if I miss a couple days?

Hey Em13, you’ll have 3 days after the subscription ends to re-subscribe to avoid losing progress on your daily Runes. I hope that helps!


I’m thinking about purchasing the subscription, how many days does it take to get rune collection up to max?

Days? Try years. At least AFAICT; I’ve been one for about a half year and am only “up” to 170 or 180. If the pattern continues, after 150 you will not jump by more than 10 per level, and levels take at least 30 days (I just hit the first 35-day level). I’ll be surprised if getting from 200/day to 250/day takes less than six months on its own. So… at a guess, 1 to 1½ years, or if you really want days, about 400-500.