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Dragon riders conditions

I’d like to try the dragon riders subscription because I did tap erroneously on “you have not enough wood, buy them with -2200- runes” and I lost 2200 runes for a mistake, my mistake.

Now I would like to recovery as soon as possible runes and trying the dragon riders monthly subscription could be an interesting experience and the cheapest way to recovery around 2000 runes.

Question: with the subscription I will enjoy light fury’s capabilities and islands.
When I will stop the subscription will I loose everything I gained during the subscription? And light fury? And its small islands?


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The Light Fury only has one island, the 3 smaller ones belong to the Night Lights, and you don’t need to be a Rider to use those 3. However, once your subscription ends, although you still keep the Light Fury, you won’t be able to use her. Also, how exactly are you planning to earn back your 2,000+ Runes?


Thanks for your reply.
I read that the subscription entitles you to gain up to 250 runes per day. I hope it’s true.

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I thought so. That’s true, but what they don’t mention is you have to work your way up to that. For example, the first week you get 50 Runes daily, 2nd week 60 Runes, 3rd week 70, etc. I’ve been a Rider for several months and I’m only at 220 Runes a day.

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That’s not terrible. You do get up to the 150-200 tier relatively quickly. Getting to 250 takes about 2-3 years though. (Granted, for 400 days you will be at 240… but IIRC it’s 100 days at 220, 200 at 230 and 400 at 240.)

Oh, and, not that it’s terribly practical to leverage, but the runes are actually every 22 hours. Unless you like going without sleep or have a really strange sleep cycle, that might as well be “once a day”, but on the plus side it means if you forget to collect them at the same time one day, it’s feasible to collect a little earlier over the next few days until you’re back to collecting at a regular time. And, of course, it means what time you can collect won’t drift forward like it would if it was 24 hours. (Note that you can’t speed up this timer.)

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Hi, how do you level up so quickly? I tried to get all my 100 level dragons to collect iron and it takes eternity for the dragons to collect. The wood gatherer are so slow as well.

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What collectors are you using? It’s important to focus on dragons that are good collectors. About half my wood collectors are some variant of triple strykes; other good ones include Golliam, Four-Man, Melonquarry, Gothi’s Gronckle, Krustler and Sparkheart. For fish, a few of the unique hiddeous zipplebacks are good, also several of the ripwreckers, Sven’s Nightmare, Floeshot, Sirenade and Rushing Death.

Several of the armorwings (including the basic one IIRC) are pretty solid for either wood or fish, though they are not the best. If you can get Scardian, that’s a good one for either wood or fish and cheap to train. Basically, sort the Book of Dragons by “best collector”, ignore any with a collection time under four hours, and focus on obtaining and training those.

For iron, Egg Blossom is a good starting dragon; not the best, but half the cost to collect as most dragons. Dust Brawler and Rattling Smokebreath are among the best; there are a couple excellent premium dragons also but while they give an excellent return rate, their collection time is very long. Again, pay attention to cost per iron, and check the forums; there was a thread a while back on good iron collectors.

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