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Dragon Special Ability Question

If you have leveled a dragon to 100%, but its special ability level is not maxed to 10, can you continue to “level” the dragon to get the special ability maxed? The game still lets me “level up” at max dragon level, but nothing happens. I’d like to confirm before I waste more dragons on him!

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I’m interested in the answer as well. I have a dragon that’s close to be maxed out in levelling up but the spirit level is 4/10.

Yes you can. It’s sort of a tolerable fish sink for a 3-star dragon, but I wouldn’t risk it for 4-5star dragons. Instead - training them properly is a better idea. 4x1s dragons per feeding, 12% chance, as many as possible. Maybe 3-5 per training is also fine, but the goal is to stick around 10% and maximize the amount of such “upgrades”. Trust me, I had failed upgrades at 75% chance with 3 copies fed, and almost every single copy ends up with an upgrade.
But the key is NEVER to use 2 or 3-star dragons as feeding fodder, you must keep the XP:% ratio minimal.


Great advice! This was one of my first dragons, so I had no idea how the leveling worked. Thank you!

I thought we were talking about a dragon that’s fully trained and levelled up, but the spirit doesn’t level just as much? This happens a lot.

Also, you are referring to a dragon that’s in need of training after levelling up their current star to maximum. How’s it possible to still keep levelling up a dragon we haven’t trained to next star? As far as I know, only thing to be done is wait and try to meet the requirements for the training session. Levelling up before training to next star doesn’t seem like an option. Believe me, I have tried.

Oh, ouch, how could this happen? Aren’t having the copy, along with the scales required, and the fish needed, a guarantee that the dragon will progress in training to next star?

I was indeed talking about a fully trained/leveled dragon, but with a spirit level of only 6 (because I was foolish in my leveling strategy early on). It still allows me to dump feeder dragons into him, but nothing has happened the two times I’ve done it. No message or anything.

Okay, and how’s that your fault? For all we know, it could be an error in the system.

Yeah, I figured. I just felt like confirming because there is no message or pop-up when you “level up” a fully leveled dragon (unless the spirit level increases, I assume). Didn’t wanna waste fish for no reason!

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So, a fully trained, fully levelled up dragon with spirits 4/10 cannot change to get higher spirit? The button will just be disabled, even though spirit is not full? Just like that?

It’s called “ability”. And, yes, it can be leveled\upgraded\improved once it’s max trained.
I was dumb enough to edit a post that was clear enough by itself, and I have a bad feeling the mods won’t forgive me this time.

I understood your post and I appreciate you confirming for me :slight_smile:


Okay, thanks. Good to know.

Eh, how do you mean? Why would they need to forgive you for editing a post? Is that against the rules or something?

Looks like they erased it. Well, for the best. I just bragged a bit about spending too much fish on a few dragons and how Toothless just doesn’t want to upgrade his ability. I used language that could mean a little bit too much even in the censored form. Ugh, it’s hard to switch between Wccftech and this. Like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

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Ah, now I get it. It’s okay really. I did notice your comment disappear. Nevermind. Goodnight…