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Dragon Suggestion

We have a lot of legendary dragons already, but it still lacks the Luminous Krayfin :confused:

I know Luminous Krayfin is kinda ugly and depressed, cause that i think they must be a rare dragon or maybe a ‘premium’ dragon like Magmadon :smiley:

The developpers need to end the dragon edge so i think they will increase the max level, btw a Toothless lvl 200 could search for a luminous krayfin… (i really think the premium version would be better…)

Btw i just think they should add the Luminous Krayfin cause its a dragon from books like foreverwing and purple death, so… yeah its all.

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It would be even nice if it comes in the legendary dragons list. It would be cool if the luminous crayfin would be the first legendary dragon to get by searching with toothless.


I think luminous krayfin wont be a legendary dragon because the best chance to create luminous krayfin as a legandary dragon was turning them the 10th legendary, but instead that they invented a new ‘rare’ legendary dragon :confused:

I dont know what the developpers wanna do :joy: but a good point in this topic is the dragon edge, that really needs to be ended after all lol

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