Dragon Textures downgraded and showing I'm offline

Sooo recently I’ve been seeing a lot of bugs and I understand it’s from the new update.But there are 2 things that are bothering me.
So when I go to see my dragons all their texture is like more pixelated…Its with every dragon I have.And also when I go to see my clan it shows that I’m offline which is really strange.I tried restarting my phone,the game yet it’s like this from yesterday and it doesn’t seem to be showing that I’m online.I know with new updates come bugs but that is still bothering me a little since I have the game on my mother’s phone with the same account. Take a look below.Screenshot_20190619-101531_Titan%20Uprising Screenshot_20190619-101541_Titan%20Uprising Screenshot_20190619-101600_Titan%20Uprising

And here is when it shows that I’m offline:

Lets all hope they fix the bugs!



Hey there, thanks for reaching out to us and reporting this! Our team has already been made aware of this issue and they’re working on a fix.


Thanks for the response!

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